Migration and Struggle in Greece

The protest against Evros fence

Posted by clandestina on 1 November 2015

Around 500 people, from various towns, participated in today’s protest against Evros fence.

At a blockade close to the border, police announced that the demonstrators could not reach the fence because it is in a militarized area. After this, the demonstrators clashed with the police in the village of Kastanies, just some hundred meters away from the fence. The police used lots of tear gas, but the demonstrators managed to stand firm.

Some hours earlier, in the morning, in Thessaloniki, members of the ruling SYRIZA party tried to infiltrate (sic!) the protest (the Youth of SYRIZA and the “department for civil rights” of the ruling party, just half a day before the protest, publicized an announcement stating that they support the protest!). Anarchist groups didn’t allow SYRIZA members to participate in the protest.

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