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Another deportation of 43 migrants from Athens airport

Posted by clandestina on 11 January 2012

On January 10, 2012 there was another deportation flight. The deported immigrants were:

36 from Afghanistan
4 from Iraq
2 from Tunisia
1 from Pakistan

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Another deportation of 29 migrants from Athens airport today

Posted by clandestina on 5 January 2012

23 from Bangladesh
1 from Egypt
4 from Pakistan
1 from Uganda

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More immigrants deported by EU-funded flights

Posted by clandestina on 16 December 2011

A charter plane carrying 42 Pakistani and 41 Afghani nationals left Athens for Islamabad and Kabul on Thursday (December 15, 2011). The same day 24 Egyptians, 1 Sudanese, 1 Ukrainian and 1 Rumanian were deported by cargo planes and 7 Albanians were deported by police vans. All deportation were funded by EU.

A similar deportation took place on December 1, 2011, one more on November, 10, 2011 and another one on October 19, 2011. Since March 2011, when Greece deported some 73 Dominicans, expulsion flights are taking place on a monthly basis.

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Immigrants deported by EU-funded flight

Posted by clandestina on 3 December 2011

A charter plane carrying 33 Pakistani and 43 Afghani nationals left Athens for Lahore and Kabul, police said on Wednesday (December 1, 2011), noting that deportation orders had been issued for the immigrants.

A similar deportation took place on November, 10, 2011 and another one on October 19, 2011. Since March 2011, when Greece deported some 73 Dominicans, expulsion flights are taking place on a monthly basis.

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Shot by his boss, then threatened with deportation

Posted by clandestina on 4 March 2010

The Indian worker shot by his drunken boss,  who was found when the perpetrator crashed his car while driving to get rid of the half-dead body somewhere… this immigrant is now threatened with deportation, as Athens Indymedia users report.

There is a solidarity demo in support of immgirants today in Rethymno at 6 o clock, and one of its objectives will be to prevent this shame from happening.

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Political prisoner from Togo to be deported – sweep operation in Patras.

Posted by clandestina on 12 February 2010


The political prisoner Adoui Aboudou Wassiou  from Togo is at risk of deportation to the tyrannical regime of his country of origin.  Since last Sunday he has been detained at the Achaia, Peloponese Police headquarters.

Adoui was charged for possessing a fake visa, and although he was acquitted at court he is still detained and to be deported.

In case Adoui is deported his life would be jeopardized because of the difficult political situation in Togo. He was probably transferred to Athens last night until next Thursday when his deportation is believed to take place.

At least 150 economic and political refugeesof  have been arrested in Patras.  Given the lack of places of detention in the Police Headquarters of Achaia, the majority of detainees have been transferred to Agrinio and Pyrgos (nearby cities); these are people mainly from Sudan and Somalia.

Yesterday a delegation of the Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Movement visited the Director of Security of Patras,  discussed the matter and was authorized to determine the needs of the detainees and aid them.

Among the prisoners there are enough people of Albanian nationality, as well as Afghanis,  Palestinians and possibly Algerians.

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On the much discussed bill on citizenship

Posted by clandestina on 26 January 2010

The proposed legislation to grant citizenship to some second generation immigrants puts partially an end to their chronic status of being hostages in the country where they were born and have lived so far their lives .   However, this bill, which is ostensibly  introduced to correct at least partially an injustice,  does hold many pitfalls:

1) Children’s “legalisation” depends on the “legality” of their parents. As has been repeatedly stressed, no sans papiers can benefit from the proposed naturalization process.

2) The proposed conditions for granting citizenship turn the latter into a “certificate of social conscience” [as the one issued by post-civil war police or army authorities certifying that its owner was not a communist – thereof employable in the public sector and entitled to various other rights]; those eligible and finally granted citizenship will be under the constant threat of having their citizenship removed; moreover, one to be eligible for the naturalisation process ”must have not been convicted to a prison sentence of at least one year for a period of ten years prior to the application, must have not been convicted of offences against the state, (…) of resistance to authority [for instance, resistance to arrest], of slander” as well as “of facilitating the transfer or the provision of shelter to illegal immigrants or of breaches of legislation concerning the settlement and movement of aliens in Greece.”

3) Proposed army recruitment of immigrants (a relief for the army ranks in view of the growing reluctance among Greek youth to draft) adds to the exploitative blackmail that makes legal residence dependent on work revenue stamps (immigrant active workforce’s contributions with no pension claims so far have been so far the Greek administrations preferred approach for dealing with the ailing public insurance funds); the unacceptably high fee (1,000 euros per person which means millions of euros for the state ) is maintained.

4) The much debated bill is merely an integration regulation for immigrants mostly from Albania, after two decades of overexploitation and in exchange for votes.  On April 28, 2009 Albania formally applied for EU membership. This prospect might seem remote, but wasn’t it the same with Romania and Bulgaria some years ago? Thus, although it now seems that the naturalization process applies and is of interest for the majority of immigrants in Greece, in a few years, when the Albanians will be EU citizens, the now proposed regulation will only aplly to a very small minotirty of immigrants. In fact, those in the worst position now will be then further devalued. The division into ‘goods’ and ‘bads’, ‘useful’ and ‘superfluous’, ‘legal’ and ‘clandestine’ immigrants is being petrified as the global system of exploitation deepens.

Alongside with the proposal of the “benefactory” bill the Greek state has been all the more stressing its commitment to “zero tolerance” policies, the “sealing” of the borders, deportation camps, the Pact on Immigration and Asylum, the Dublin II Regulation, the Schengen Treaty, the Outrageous Directive. Finally, we should remind that the law provision for deporting immigrants charged (not convicted) of minor misdeeds on “public order and security” grounds is still in effect.

Clandestina network, January 2010

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(Update on) Illegal deportation of refugees.

Posted by clandestina on 22 January 2010


After a week of illegal detention at the old detention space of the Elliniko Airport premises, and much pressure at media and the parliament and legal struggle the Iranian refugees were released.



source: athens indymedia

6 Iranian political refugees were transported illegally from the refugee detention center of Samos island to Athens Airport(El Venizelos) where they were  in custody until yesterdaypending their  illegal deportation.

On Thursday, January 14, 24 people (among them 6 Iranians, 10 Afghans, 1 Palestinian) were transferred from the Samos refugee detention center by boat to Piraeus and then to El. Venizelos airport where they were until yesterday (Friday 15), pending their eventual deportation.   They had no information on where  they were being transferred.

The 6  Iranians had requested to file asylum applications at the Samos center but their request was rejected by the Samos police.  Refugees are entitled to appeal on an appeals committee and must be given a margin of one month to do so.  Expulsion in a period less than that is illegal.

The Iranian refugees spent at least one month under imprisonment and incommunicado conditions at the detention center on Samos and they were not informed about their rights.

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‘Mafia’ Provocation Behind ‘Race Riots’ In Southern Italy

Posted by clandestina on 16 January 2010

Two texts from the Brighton NoBorders blog.

read also:


‘Mafia’ Provocation Behind ‘Race Riots’ In Southern Italy

More details have emerged since the ‘riots’ in Rosarno at the end of last week and it now appears that the attack by local youths on Friday was the final insult in a long line of provocations.

The migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have been a common site in Italy for decades. In southern Italy they move en masse from the grape harvest in Sicily, via the orange, tangerine and kiwi harvests in Calabria and the olive picking in Apulia. Local farmers have relied on them since the ‘native’ agricultural workforce evaporated. Instead, the 8000 or so ‘clandestini’ in Calabria pick fruit and vegetables for 12 to 14 hours a day for 20 to 25 euros and many are regularly forced to pay kickback of up to a quarter of their wages to local gangsters in the ‘Ndrangheta, the regional version of the mafia. Read the rest of this entry »

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New case of severe immigrant abuse by cops of the Acropolis Police Station

Posted by clandestina on 2 January 2010

sources: athens indymedia,

A Chillean immigrant detained was severely beaten on New Year’s Eve by personnel of various police forces at the infamous Acropolis police station.   His injuries were so serious that he was transferred to hospital – he is stille there in critical condtiion.  The immigrant had been arrested a week ago allegedly for having attacked someone with an iron bar.  Since he had no documents, he was detained and to be deported.

5 cops have been arrested for the case – which is a very very rare if not unprecedented thing.   Apart from torturing the detainee, in order to cover up their own action they prepared a file of proceedings with the false accusation that the 30-year-old had attempted to escape.

The minister of citizen protection released a sensational pledge that he is not going to put up with this kind of violence.

see also:

updates (from comments on the article linked above): Two out of the five policemen charged for not stopping their colleagues torturing the immigrant were set free on January 5.
The rest appeared to the prosecutor on Thursday.

According to the testimony of the two officers they did not intervene when they “saw the arrested man handcuffed and two policemen kicking him punching him and beating him with a plastic glob in various parts of his body” as they “found nothing reprehensible in all these”. The three men directly accused of the torture testified to the interrogator today, without the script of their testimony been made public to this moment.   One policeman finally was imprisoned pending trial after giving testimony.

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