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Warsaw: a 36-year-old Nigerian shot dead by police, 32 other Africans arrested!

Posted by clandestina on 24 May 2010

Today (23rd of May, 2010) in Warsaw a troop of police carried out an operation against trading of ‘illegal goods’, meaning most notably faked brand name clothes and pirated software and media. Afraid of the policemen, one of the salesmen tried to run away. This caused a general commotion, during which a 36-year-old Nigerian was shot dead by one of the officers. The other police troops that arrived soon, pacified the vendors and arrested 32 other Africans.

All the events described above happend in the Polish capital city, in the area of a former sport stadium (’10th-Anniversary Stadium’, Polish: ‘Stadion Dziesięciolecia’), used in the last years as a bazaar.

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Return Agreement between Greece & Turkey

Posted by clandestina on 15 May 2010

ATHENS — The Greek Minister for the Protection of the Citizens
announced that Greece & Turkey signed in Athens a “bilateral agreement” on Friday, which lays the legal basis of the return in Turkey of the thousands of irregular migrants who arrive on Greek shores.

The agreement especially foresees an « efficient implementation » of the
readmission protocol signed 10 years ago, and that Ankara was reproached by Athens not to respect. This agreement was signed by the Greek Minister, Michalis Chryssohoïdis, and by his Turkish counterpart, Besir Atalay, at the favour of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit in Athens.

“In this decision commonly co-signed” by both ministers, Turkey commits itself, as noticed by the Greek minister, to « take any necessary
measure » to put this protocol into force.

Additionally, the communiqué mentions that: “Turkey has to decide where, in Izmir’s harbour or somewhere close to this city, to open a border office within 3 months, which will be used for the readmission of
irregular migrants”. Turkey has also accepted to accept “at least 1,000
readmission requests each year”.

Greece, which locates very close to the Turkish coasts and shares a
common mountain border with the Balkan area, is ranking first in terms of irregular entries in the EU: 70% of the irregular people registered by Frontex during the first semester in 2009, about 51,600 people, were apprehended there.

This migration influx, especially from Afghan and Iraqi origin, has
become the new bone of contention between Athens & Ankara.

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April 2010 Clandestina report

Posted by clandestina on 4 May 2010

From Monday 12 of April to Saturday 17 of April, the refugees detained in Samos Detention Center went on a hunger strike in which participated the great majority (126 hunger strikers in 150 detainees). The reason was the two massive transportations that happened in 21 of March and 9 of April (60 refugees transferred in the northern greek borders each time). The refugees reacted because they are afraid that they will be the next that will be transferred in the northern greek borders in order to be deported, despite the fact that the massive deportations are illegal and consist clear violation of human rights.
The same day that the Samos hunger strike started, Spyros Vougias, Public Order vice minister, announced the creation of 11 new screening centers (KEPY-First Reception Centers). It is interesting that Spyros Vougias had first announced two KEPY (one in Evros and one in Mytilini) to replace Venna (which he announced he would close down) and Pagani. These were to be built on former military barracks.The announcement was made on March 21st  (International Day Against Racism).! Ironically, the locations for eleven KEPY were announced on the same day that the hunger strike in Samos began.
The announcement of the KEPY system was accompanied by a report of a so-called expert group, according to wich:
1. the new system will differentiate much stronger between unaccompanied minors, torture victims, etc; generally, the discourse about vulnerable persons and their protection is much stronger
2. the new screening centres (KEPY) will be located in points of entries and large urban areas: Samos, Lesvos, Chios, Evros, Rhodos, Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa, Crete, Volos.
3. the new screening centres are a one-stop-shop for the control of migration: detention, identification, fingerprinting, medical examination, deparation of groups (minors, et al).
4. the KEPY will be closed, so people inside are locked up.
5. the European Border Fund will only pay for the construction of the new centres (for the next 10 years).
Who has participated in this expert group? It is prime example for state IGO NGO meddling: the 4 involved ministeries, IOM, Ecumenical Refugee Programm, Red Cross, UNHCR, Medecins sans frontiers, greek refugee council, NGOs like ”Arsis” and ”Praksis”

Meanwhile, the 28th Franco-Italian Summit was held 9 April in Paris and resulted in the signing of approximately 25 agreements between France and Italy.  Among the agreements is a joint declaration on immigration which highlights the leading role played by France and Italy in controlling illegal immigration in the Mediterranean region.  The agreement provides for, among other things, joint French-Italian maritime patrols to monitor the countries’ territorial waters.  The agreement also stresses the need to strengthen the role of Frontex and calls for cooperation with both Libya and Turkey on immigration matters, including readmission of migrants.

The same days, a Frontex spokesperson declared that last year saw a 33 per cent year-on-year decrease in illegal border crossings at all the EU’s external borders. When compared to 2008, external sea border crossings decreased by 23 per cent and external land borders decreased by 43 per cent in 2009. Malta recorded a decrease of 83 per cent in irregular migrant arrivals last year, the highest decrease in the whole of the central Mediterranean. After Malta, the second highest decrease in migrant landings last year was in the Canary Islands, which recorded a 76 per cent decrease from 2008.
Greece, currently the country under the biggest migratory pressure, recorded a decrease of 21 per cent in migrant landing in 2009.
The same spokesperson said that Frontex has set a budget of €10 million for the Frontex-led operation, Poseidon, which was set up to combat illegal immigration in the Aegean sea. Last year, 152 experts were deployed to the operation, which does not include the crew of vessels, aircrafts, helicopters and other equipment.

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noborder bruxelles call for preparation meeting june 19-20

Posted by clandestina on 3 May 2010

tFrom 27th of September till 3th of October included, we organise a NoBorder camp in Brussels.

We want to turn this into an international event for the abolition of the borders, free movement of persons, and against the war on migrants and migration that Europe has started with (para-) military means (FRONTEX).

As we want to make it possible for all to participate in this event, we invite you for an international work-weekend on 19th and 20th of June:

19th of June from 1pm until 7pm

20th of June from 10am until 4pm


Please let us know if you come.

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