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Greece: another refugee dies in Police custody!

Posted by clandestina on 28 February 2015

Mohamed Kamara from Guinea, 21-years old, is one more refugee who died in Police custody, due to lack of health care. He came to Greece in 2012. He attempted to leave through Patras port but was arrested and imprisoned for eight months in Corinth detention center.

According to his friends he applied for asylum but was given a negative answer in mid January 2015. After that he was arrested again on February 7 and on February 9 he was transferred to Kifissia Police Station in Athens. There he kept complaining about his health. Finally, on February 20, he was move in a comatose state to a hospital where he died. According to information he had been in almost comatose state for 24 hours before he was transfered to a hospital!

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ECRI report on Greece

Posted by clandestina on 24 February 2015

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) today published its fifth report on Greece analysing new developments and outstanding issues, and providing recommendations to the authorities.

Read the report


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Clashes with riot police in Amygdaleza

Posted by clandestina on 22 February 2015

On Saturday, February 21 there were clashes with riot police, as some 250 demonstrators managed to get for a while inside Amygdaleza detention center. There are demonstrations scheduled for next Saturday at immigrants’ detention centers at Xanthi, Hellinikon etc.image2 image

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Shut down detention centers now!

Posted by clandestina on 20 February 2015

Photo from yesterday’s demo in Thessaloniki:


Another demo will take place tomorrow outside Amygdaleza and next Saturday outside Xanthi detention center (poster):



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Some insight of what is happening in Greece

Posted by clandestina on 20 February 2015

The following was written on December 2013:Police stations throughout the country have turned into ‘warehouses for human souls’, the conditions have been described as tragic, and as violating both international rules and Greek laws. The E.U. has always offered help, but the Greek State has not been willing to fully exploit it. Now the country needs to make the most of the 230 million Euros the E.U. is offering. It would be ‘desirable’ that this money be used to create modern hosting facilities, with distinctive places for criminals and the undocumented, regular access to a courtyard, natural lighting, proper food and regular medical checks. In a nowadays unacceptable status, health and safety regulations are not respected, and we often have unacceptable and arbitrary police behavior. This is exactly what is expected to happen when the State itself stacks human souls for a long time in inappropriate places, without any interest to satisfy the minimum human needs“. Is this part of the proposals on the “issue of immigration” of a progressive Greek political party? No, the above words were spoken on December 12, 2013, by the President of the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers in the 12th National Roundtable Against Discrimination. The “police unionist” also proposed hiring immigrants in the police force, adding that “…it might be useful to try to record the situation and demands of the thousands of foreigners already detained in detention centers. To make a survey to see how many they actually are, as well as why and where they want to live. Instead of trying to persuade them to return to their country, wouldn’t it be easier to guide them towards a better opportunity in another European country where already other members of their families are living?“.

While there are radical voices within Syriza that go a lot further, the police unionist’s proposals are more or less similar to those of the dominant part of Greek institutional Left parties. If the institutional Left form the next Greek government, they might indeed shut down the concentration camps, but not necessarily as part of a politics of respect of human dignity and basic rights, but in order to harmonize Greek policy with E.U. legislation, by putting the EU money to good use, opening more proper detention facilities, and satisfying the demands of the Greek police and their more conservative voters along the way. Indeed, a part of the institutional Left in Greece is speaking in favor of the same system that radical movements throughout Europe are fighting against.

Excerpts from:

Lampedusa is not the only death zone,
concentration camps are not a nightmare buried in the past

dates and numbers in the Greek Guantanamo calendar…

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Avramopoulos remains E.U. Migration Commissioner

Posted by clandestina on 19 February 2015

Prokopis Pavlopoulos was elected as the new President of Greece, despite rumors that Syriza would propose Dimitris Avramopoulos for president. Pavlopoulos was Minister of the Interior and Public Order during December 2008 riots in Greece.
Dimitris Avramopoulos remains E.U. Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner. His priorities are (E.U. site):

  • Improving border control by boosting the effectiveness of the border agency Frontex and by pooling resources from EU countries, while facilitating access for those who have a legitimate interest in entering the EU.
  • Promoting a new European policy on regular migration to help the EU address skill shortages inter alia by reviewing the ‘Blue Card’ legislation.
  • Making sure the common European asylum system is fully implemented, while developing a strategy to improve the response to emergency situations, with a focus on solidarity and cooperation with non-EU countries.
  • Dealing with irregular migration, including by ensuring smooth return, in cooperation with non-EU Member States.

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Demonstrations against detention centers in Greece

Posted by clandestina on 17 February 2015

A demonstration has all ready taken place outside Amygdaleza on  Sunday 15th, another one is organized today (Tuesday 17th) in the city of Patras and there are three more scheduled for Thursday 19th: in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Athens. Οn Saturday the 14th, in Thessaloniki, around midnight, 250 people marched towards the central police station and threw red paint-bombs to the entrance.

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Greek government will close Amygdaleza in 100 days…

Posted by clandestina on 17 February 2015

Alternate Civil Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis said on Monday that the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) government is closing the controversial migrant detention center at Amygdalezi in about 100 days. The statement was made following a meeting between mr. Panousis and Alternate Migrant Policy Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou.

The government is planning to speed up the opening of three new hospitality centers in the Attica region so that migrants can be hosted in humane living conditions soon, especially after the suicide of a 28-year-old Pakistani inmate of Amygdaleza who prefered death to the conditions at the camp. Panousis said that the new centers will operate as “probation” homes. A committee will examine the files of those held at Amygdaleza to determine whether they are unaccompanied minors, sick people, asylum seekers or other categories in order to determine where to place them.

Panousis said that Amygdaleza would not be turned into an open hospitality center because it also houses the Police Academy. Clearer plans for the future of Amygdaleza and Greek migration policy is to be announced on Tuesday by the Ministry of Interior.

Nothing was mentioned about the other detention centers, spread throughout Greece.

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Two immigrants’ suicides! Revolt in Amygdaleza!

Posted by clandestina on 14 February 2015

An immigrant that was held for 18 months, then released, then arrested again, committed suicide today in Amygdaleza detention center! There is a revolt taking place right now! Another suicide took place in a Thessaloniki police station and went public today!
Destroy detention centers NOW!

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Third immigrant to die in Amygdaleza

Posted by clandestina on 13 February 2015

A 23 years-old Afghan who was imprisoned in Amygdaleza died because in the infamous detention center there is no doctor and health care is left to be poorly covered  from charities and volunteer doctors and organizations.
According to the police, Sayed Mehdi Ahbari felt sick on  February 4 in the evening and was taken to hospital. He was returned to Amygdaleza the morning of February 5. On February 8 he was transferred again to hospital and died at Tuesday noon. The authorities expect the results of the autopsy.

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