Migration and Struggle in Greece


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Migration & Antiracist News Blogs and Websites

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No Border Camps & Groups

Local Migrant & Solidarity Groups and Venues in Greece

(websites mostly in Greek)

  • Antiracist Initiative of Igoumenitsa (Igoumenitsa) – ΑΝΤΙΡΑΤΣΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΠΡΩΤΟΒΟΥΛΙΑ ΗΓΟΥΜΕΝΙΤΣΑΣ:
  • Solidarity Committee to Immigrants in Thesprotia (Xanthi) – Πρωτοβουλια αλληλεγγύης στους μετανάστες (Ξάνθη):
  • Solidarity Committee to Immigrants in Thesprotia (Igoumenitsa) – Επιτροπή Αλληλεγγύης Θεσπρωτίας για τους Μετανάστες:
  • Group of Foreign – Immigrant Students in Thessaloniki (Ομάδα Αλλοδαπών-Μεταναστών Φοιτητών Θεσσαλονίκης):,
  • Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees: Gefira” (Sp.Trikoupi 21, Exarchia, Athens) Monday and Wednesday 17.00-19.00. e-mail:,
  • Group of Lawyers for Immigrants and Refugees Rights, Thessaloniki:
  • Movement for Advocacy of the Righst of Immigrants and Refugees, Patras: Mondays at 21:00, Ιωάννου Βλάχου 19.  Phone: 6971509942 / email: kinisi dot yperaspisis at gmail dot com
  • Albanian Immigrants Haunt (Steki Alvanon Metanaston) – 43, Spyridonos Trikoupi, Eksarxeia, Athens (in Albanian and Greek)
  • Forum of Immigrants in Crete – ΦΟΡΟΥΜ ΜΕΤΑΝΑΣΤΩΝ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ , Χατζημιχάλη Νταλιάνη 67 , Chania, Crete, 73100,  tel. 00302821058851, κιν. 00306973525049- 00306982445088 – blog :
  • Chania, Crete Social Center – Migrants Center (Steki), Ηatzimihali Daliani str., Hania
  • Forum of Albanian Immigrants -Forumi Emigranteve Shqiptare ne Greqi: Spiridhonos Trikupi 21, Exarcheia,,
  • Gefyra [=Bridge] – Cultural Center of the Peoples of the Orient – Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο των λαών της Ανατολής «ΓΕΦΥΡΑ» Sp.Trikoupi 21 Eksarxeia, Athens
  • Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and Solidarios, Athens
  • Agrinion Assembly of Anarchists, Antiauthoritarians and People in Solidarity:
  • Refugee Solidarity Committee, Chios Island
  • United African Women Organisation of Greece – ΕΝΩΣΗ ΑΦΡΙΚΑΝΩΝ ΓΥΝΑΙΚΩΝ, ΚΟΣΜΑ ΑΙΤΩΛΟΥ 2, 114 71, ATHENS, tel: 00302103617065,,
  • Samos Movement for Human Rights – Solidarity with Refugees:
  • PROSFYGI (ΠροςΦυγή) Initiative of Solidarity with Refugees and Immigrants in Lesvos:
  • Social Center – Migrants’place (Antiracist Initiative), 51 Filippou, Thessaloniki (english version),
  • Lathra?, Solidarity Committee of Chios:
  • United against Racism and the Fascist Threat:

…about Italy and/or in Italian (primarily)…

…about France and/or in French (primarily)…

…about Germany and/or in German (primarily)…

  • Jugendliche ohne Grenzen: Youth without borders:
  • syndicating antira feeds from all over the world:
  • FRONTEXwatch: keepin` an eye on the Kerberos of the EU border regime:
  • dokumentiert rassistischen Alltag sowie Politik und seine Folgen in Österreich, der Festung Europa und in bestimmten Zusammenhängen auch international  – documents racism in everyday life as well as in politics, and their consequences, in Austria, Fortress Europe, as well as internationally,  in concrete circumstances)
  • borderline-europe ist als gemeinnütziger Verein unabhängig von politischen Parteien oder Regierungen. Unsere Arbeit ist als Akt des zivilen Widerstands gegen die Abschottung der EU und ihre tödlichen Folgen gedacht.
  • The VOICE Refugee Forum (in many languages) “We, The VOICE Refugee Forum, are groups of human rights activists that have been actively engaged publicly in protesting the inhumane situation of refugees since 1994 in Thueringen and Germany as a whole. The members are actively engaged in supporting persecuted human rights activists here in Germany and in their home countries”.
  • Die Karawane für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen – The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants

…about Spain and/or in Spanish (primarily)…

…about the Netherlands and/or in Dutch (primarily)…

  • All All included is een nieuw initiatief dat strijdt voor vrijheid van mobiliteit en recht op verblijf voor migranten. In een tijd waarin globalisering een feit is moet migratie erkend worden als een deel van een package deal. All included dus. Dit betekent: geen illegaliteit, geen vreemdelingendetentie en geen gedwongen uitzettingen.

News and analyses about resistance in Greece, in English

3 Responses to “Links”

  1. Gary Rumor said

    Add me as a link I am an internationalist, not specifically anarchist but I do believe in the free movement of people around the world without interference. Ultimately what is desired is the elimination of the state altogether and a world of people living in harmony.
    I was one of the founders of Rock Against Racism in the USA back in the 1970’s and have been active on and off since those days. Currently I live in Long Beach, CA USA and write a blog.

  2. hi from Amsterdam.

    I just discovered your web site. I guess we can relate. My collegue Vincent will be at the nobordercamp in Lesvos, while I manage tyhe Campaign Free Ahmed Issa, the scapegoat of the Schiphol Fire.

    My freind Tjebbe wants to contract u as well. He is an artist doing a project as part of the memorial of the fire that kuiled 11 migrants 4 years ago.


  3. polisson said


    A new translated information blog from France.

    In order to make easier the exchange and make known the information between Here and There- against prison and for a solidarity network!

    These last months, since the announcement of the ‘Crisis’, huge struggles, blockade, sabotages and demonstrations went on in France. but also arrests and repressed people:
    multiple arrests of migrants, new anti-terrorist laws, new anti-strike laws…

    Because translation process always takes time…

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