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Hunger strike in Amygdaleza detention centre

Posted by clandestina on 21 November 2014

“Hunger strike until freedom”*

On November 17th, 2014 hundreds of refugees detained administratively in
the pre-removal centre of Amygdaleza started to protest massively
against the prolonged detention of more than 18 months, against the
detention of dozens of minors and the detention conditions that amongst
others recently led to the death of two detainees.

“They coop us up here like sheep and then don’t care anymore about us. (…)”
“There are persons detained 26 months. (…)”
“When we say ‘my stomach hurts’, they’d answer ‘my balls hurt’.”

Only on November 6th the 26-year-old Mohammed Asfak died of the
consequences of beating by law enforcement officers in Corinth detention
centre during one of the uprisings of migrants there 5-6 months ago. His
injuries had not been taken care of adequately. He was only transferred
to hospital after a break down. For 15 days he had been begging the
police to bring him to the hospital as he had respiratory problems. When
asking for medical aid, police even replied: “Die, we don’t care.” Only
some days after this tragic incident, another detainee from Bangladesh
died of lacking sufficient medical aid.

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New shipwreck – six immigrants dead in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 12 July 2014

Six immigrantslost their lives yesterday (Friday, July 11) when their boat sank ten nautical miles from Karlovasi (Samos). Port police boats rescued 13 refugees, 12 men and one woman.

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New deadly shipwreck in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2014

7 immigrants have died, 8 have been rescued and at least two are missing in a new shipwreck in the Aegean, near the island of Lesvos.

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Greek police demands the deportation of an immigrant who was arrested during poster sticking for a demonstration against detention centers!

Posted by clandestina on 31 December 2013

Greek police demands the deportation of an Albanian immigrant who was arrested along with 11 other comrades on 28/12 in Victoria Square in Athens during a public intervention and poster sticking for the demonstration against immigrants detention centers that will take place in Athens on January 11 2014.

On Monday, December 30, the trial of our comrades was postponed for January 8, 2014 due to the absence of witnesses. They were all set free until the trial, except for the immigrant. Despite the judge’s decision to set him also free, the immigrant was illegally detained by the police on the pretext of “administrative reasons”, although he had all the required documents (meaning that he is a “legal” immigrant). The greek police used once more the legal loophole which allows the authorities to extend the detention of migrants, regardless of whether they have papers, having as an excuse their “potential threat to public order and safety”.

The albanian immigrant was transferred to the infamous Petrou Ralli police headquarters for immigrants. Police has already requested his deportation.

UPDATE: after lawyers’ pressure, the comrade has been released.

This is the poster:


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400 immigrants on hunger strike in Orestiada detention center

Posted by clandestina on 28 August 2013

The morning of Wednesday, August 28, around 400 immigrants detained in the concentration camp of Orestiada (near the Greek-Turkish land border) staged a hunger strike.
The reason is that yesterday, the detention center authorities announced that the immigrants’ detention time will be extended to 18 months. The prisoners expressed their intense discomfort as many of them are in the camp for over a year without having committed any crime, without even having been in trial in any court of any kind.
Soufian, a refugee from Syria, is on a hunger strike for one week. This morning he fainted and was transferred to hospital. Alois, from Iran, last nigh sewed his lips. They all ask only one thing: freedom.

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Amygdaleza uprising suppressed – 41 immigrants on trial

Posted by clandestina on 12 August 2013



41 immigrants are facing various charges after the suppression of the Amygdaleza uprising.

The situation of the immigrants injured during the uprising is unknown, since access to the detention center is denied even to lawyers.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the area, Sotiris Duros, declared that an uprising was “an expected one”, since the conditions in the detention center are inhuman and the temperature in the (made of of metal) cargo containers used for constraining 1650 people, during summertime reaches up to 50 Celsius degrees. This. combined with the fact that a prolonging of their imprisonment to 18 months was announced, led to the uprising.









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Manolada: Migrant workers shot because they demanded their salaries

Posted by clandestina on 18 April 2013


Manolada strawberry farmers shoot immigrants who demanded 6 months salaries. 28 wounded in hospital.
The immigrant workers had reportedly gathered to demand six-months’ worth of unpaid wages when one of three work supervisors whom they were negotiating with shot them. About 20-30 of the 200 strawberry pickers from Bangladesh got injured. Local media reported that four of them are in a serious health condition. The employer has been arrested and investigations are going on.
Several thousand migrant workers (many of them reportedly undocumented) are empoyed as strawberry pickers in the area.
This is not the first time that immigrants in Nea Manolada have protested against harsh working conditions.
In 2008, immigrant farm workers staged a two-day strike (delaying the shipments of strawberries by at least a few days) to protest against harsh working conditions. Their strike exposed slave wage exploitation, shocking living conditions and prejudice.
The government at the time responded to the strike by ordering labour inspectors to crack the whip on farmers exploiting migrant workers in Nea Manolada.
Despite the country’s soaring rate of unemployment, agriculture is heavily reliant on immigrant labour.
In 2009, two farmers in Manolada, alleged to have tied two Bangladeshi immigrants to a motorcycle and reportedly dragged them through a central square.






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Lesvos: 3 immigrants dead, 12 missing

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2013

The bodies of  three immigrants, one  young woman, one boy about 5 and a  girl about 8 years old were found in different beaches of Lesvos island.
Relatives of 9 Syrians refugees missing since  the 7th of March, when they tried to cross the Aegean, notified the authorities that their relatives were aboard a vessel carrying 15 immigrants from Dikeli (Turkey). They said that they lost contact with the people in the small boat during their crossing from Dikeli to Mitiliene.

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Senegalese street vendor died during police operation in Athens

Posted by clandestina on 2 February 2013

An immigrant from Senegal died falling from a height, on the rails of the subway in Thiseio station in central Athens, during an operation of Municipal Police to remove peddlers from tourist area.

A big operation of Municipal Police started on Friday afternoon on the touristic area of Thiseio, in central Athens, to remove immigrants from the streets, who work as peddlers to live. During this operation Cheikh Babacar Ndiaye a 37 years old immigrant from Senegal, was chased and he died falling from a height, on the rails of the subway in Thiseio station. From the blood seen on the pictures possibly his death resulted from the fall.
Subway metro services were disrupted for at least two hours. First aid assistants removed the body of the immigrant from the rails. Meanwhile his friends gathered at the station, together with other people from Senegal.
copsSome of them mourned, but when they saw the stretcher with the dead body they began to shout and protest. Some of them they shouted that Police is racists. Riot police arrived immediately and attacked the gathered people, and cleared the area around the station. At the same moment of the attack the dead body of immigrant was moved to an ambulance and left the area, for an unknown and undeclared direction, in spite of the questions made ​​on this.

Source & photos:



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Lesvos: 18 Migrants Found Dead, 9 Missing

Posted by clandestina on 15 December 2012

Coast guard police has found the bodies of 18 immigrants who were trying to enter Greece from the Aegean.

Their boat capsized early Friday.

A 20-year-old man found alive Friday told authorities there were 28 people on the crowded boat, including its Turkish owner, when it capsized off the northeastern island of Lesvos, near the Turkish coast. The man, who has been hospitalized, is the sole survivor found so far.

A coast guard spokeswoman said the migrants were “of Asian origin” without specifying further.

Last September, in a similar shipwreck in the Aegean, 60 immigrants died, amongst them 31 children…

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