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Germany, Austria and Italy launch “trilateral controls” to deal with “the increasing numbers of refugees”

Posted by clandestina on 29 November 2014


On 13 November the German Interior Ministry announced the start of what it calls “trilateral patrolling” – police patrols in border regions involving officers from Germany, Austria and Italy. Controls, primarily focused on trains, will be “significantly boosted” by the operation. Thomas de Maizière, German’s Federal Interior Minister, said: “Stronger action against illegal migration is urgently required in view of the increasing numbers of refugees.” [1]

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Hunger strike in Paranesti detention Center

Posted by clandestina on 27 November 2014

Dozens of immigrants and refugees held in Paranesti detention center (a former military barracks near the city of Drama, Greece) started a hunger strike. Most of them are being held more than 18 months.

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Syrian Refugees on a Hunger Strike in Athens

Posted by clandestina on 27 November 2014

300 persons in a sit-in, more than 150 on hunger strike, 45 children, at least 9 collapsed, 8 days sit-in, 3 days hunger strike

In a bid for better living conditions, temporary working permits and medical care, more than 200 Syrians – among them many families with small children – fleeing the war-torn country and seeking asylum in the EU, have begun a hunger strike in Athens’ main square. Protesters began to gather on Syntagma Square on November 19, camping out and sleeping on
cardboard boxes and in sleeping bags before staging the hunger strike on Monday. Dozens of Syrians are living homeless in the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki without any support. The demonstrators, many of who sat with masking tape covering their mouths, called for the Greek government find a way to solve the refugee crisis.

Read their declaration:

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Syrian refugees stage hunger strike

Posted by clandestina on 26 November 2014

Refugees from Syria camped out in front of the Greek parliament have begun a hunger strike.
More than 150 people are taking part in the sit-in which began on Wednesday, in a protest calling for the government to speed up the asylum process and provide food and shelter.
“My money is almost finished and we all here have to deal with the mafia. We don’t have legal papers, we can’t rent a house, we can’t do anything,” said one protester.
Another said: “I’m trying to go out of here, to leave Greece and go to other countries in Europe because in Greece there is no chance for me, or even for the Greek people. I came here as a refugee 10 months ago, and I tried many times to get out of Greece and I cannot.”
A woman said: “The only countries that support you so that you can be  comfortable, give you a salary and give you accommodation, are the  European countries.”

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Hunger strike in Amygdaleza detention centre

Posted by clandestina on 21 November 2014

“Hunger strike until freedom”*

On November 17th, 2014 hundreds of refugees detained administratively in
the pre-removal centre of Amygdaleza started to protest massively
against the prolonged detention of more than 18 months, against the
detention of dozens of minors and the detention conditions that amongst
others recently led to the death of two detainees.

“They coop us up here like sheep and then don’t care anymore about us. (…)”
“There are persons detained 26 months. (…)”
“When we say ‘my stomach hurts’, they’d answer ‘my balls hurt’.”

Only on November 6th the 26-year-old Mohammed Asfak died of the
consequences of beating by law enforcement officers in Corinth detention
centre during one of the uprisings of migrants there 5-6 months ago. His
injuries had not been taken care of adequately. He was only transferred
to hospital after a break down. For 15 days he had been begging the
police to bring him to the hospital as he had respiratory problems. When
asking for medical aid, police even replied: “Die, we don’t care.” Only
some days after this tragic incident, another detainee from Bangladesh
died of lacking sufficient medical aid.

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24 bodies found as migrant boat sinks in Istanbul’s Bosphorus strait

Posted by clandestina on 3 November 2014

At least 24 people have died after a boat believed to have been carrying illegal immigrants capsized in Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait on Monday.

Seven people were rescued and 24 dead bodies were recovered, the Istanbul governor’s office announced.

Sources said there were around 43 people on the boat.

Most of those who died were children, the Hurriyet news website reported rescuers as saying.

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