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Management of migrants: from charity to brutality

Posted by clandestina on 26 December 2015

Τhe state of siege and the massive police operation in Idomeni marks the turn from the publicly advertised “humanitarian governmental policy on the refugee crisis” to the “obligatory” and by tacit consensus brutality: “The country is in line with its commitments”.
Physical brutality was there before, but the whole situation was presented in the mass media as a combination of the valiant efforts of our left government and the philanthropic concerns of the Greek Volk (this was the way that the humane attitude of a large number of people was presented, mixed with the bureaucratic profit-making of various NGOs and the selfless made by various “first-world” citizens who, being attracted by the tragedies of the ‘others’, addressed the issue as if they were in a safari in Africa).

Under the new tactics, minister Mouzalas can be photographed posing as an activist together with the radical superstar Susan Sarandon (the last remaining, along with the comic actor Slavoj Žižek, to reaffirm the radicality of the Greek Government) ignoring the small detail that in the first weeks of December 100 migrants died in the Aegean sea.
Many of the dead belonged to the “good category”, they came from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, they were “refugees”. The rest belonged to the “bad ones”, they were migrants. If they had survived, they would have been imprisoned in the Moria detention center in Lesvos, waiting to be transported to some concentration camps in the mainland (after protests and hunger strike of Maghreb migrants, the Greek police returned to the policy of giving to the sans-papiers a 30-days permit to leave Greece by their own means, but the final Greek Police decision is that all Maghreb migrants “after being recorded in Hot Spots, will be detained”).

Under the new tacit consensus brutality, the concentration camps that were supposed to be shut down have started being filled up again: in mid-December over 200 migrants were transferred form Tae-kwon-do stadium (they were brought there after the evacuation of Idomeni) to the concentration camp / detention center at Corinth. In the mass media the reason for these arrests was supposed to be the migrants “criminal activity”, but what happened were “collective responsibility” mass arrests on the legal basis that … the migrants have violated police orders prohibiting them to be in Athens, although they were moved by force to the Greek capital by the Greek police itself, after the evacuation of Idomeni!

Under the new tacit consensus brutality, the Greek Church threatens to evacuate the squat for migrants “Orphanotrofeio” in Thessaloniki and the police did the same against the self-organized structure in Platanos, in Skala Sykamnias, Lesvos island.

Brutality is there on all sides of the borders: human smugglers receive large sums to pass migrants from an opening in the fence to the Republic of Macedonia, where mobsters and soldiers are waiting to rob them, beat them and return them to Greece. Cops in Idomeni then return the migrants to Athens, ignoring the fact that they are usually injured, with broken arms, limbs, injuries to the genitals etc. The ideal space after all for medical treatment  is the “open centre of hospitality” in Ellinikon, in Athens (open centre indeed, as it is an open stadium…).

Brutality is there on all sides of the borders:
Dec.24/2015: New shipwreck with 18 dead migrants
Dec.23/2015: 13 people dead in the Aegean – among them 7 children
Dec.22/2015: Turkish coast police reports: 11 refugees drowned off Kuşadası shores
Dec.20/2015: Two dead migrants near Ikaria island
Dec.19/2015: New shipwreck in the Aegean – 18 drowned migrants
Dec.19/2015: New Tragedy: 1.5 years-old girl dies in a shipwreck near Oinousses island
Dec.18/2015: Anothes shipwreck near Bodrum: 4 dead, 4 survivors
Dec.16/2015: A little girl and a man dead in another shipwreck near Lesvos island
Dec.16/2015: Two children dead near Çeşme
Dec.15/2015: Three dead and three missing in a shipwreck near Kastelorizo island
Dec.13/2015: Two refugees missing east of Lesvos
Dec.10/2015: Pharmakonisi: 16 migrants dead in another shipwreck
Dec.09/2015: 400 riot policemen evacuate Idomeni

In 2015, there were 632 deaths in the Aegean up to December 14.

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Border closed in Eidomeni

Posted by clandestina on 3 December 2015


09.00: The border is still closed. All nationalities are stuck now. Conflicts are rising among those who could pass, and those who cannot. People are trying to walk to other border crossings. UNHCR has left the camp tonight. Europe’s strategy of divide et impera has worked out so far.


24.00: Update: It’s not ten buses waiting, it’s twenty. Additional 1000 persons will have to sleep outside tonight.

23.00: The border crossing is still blocked by protestors. Greek police has completely left the border zone. Right now around ten buses are arriving. UNHCR reports that they have no clue how to accommodate the newly arriving persons. Obviously they have enough stored goods, but no staff to distribute it.

19.00: Still hundreds of protesters in front of the fence. The border crossing is blocked, nobody can pass right now. The camp is getting crowded as new people still arrive.

17.00: Protesters shout ‚Etihad‘ (United) to gather all nationalities in front of the fence.

16.00: Protesters have teared down the fences of the crosspoint. Situation tense. Greek police doesn’t intervene.

15.00: Hundreds gather at the crosspoint as rumours have spreaded that border would be opened in 2 hours. Macedonian police/army has strengthened its presence with water cannons and riot units. We have no confirmed information about border opening.

13.30:  Hundreds of refugees tried to pass the fence at its end and just came back to the camp. They reported, that Macedonian army/police was entering Greek territory and shot on them with rubber bullets. Furthermore, they told about warning shots in the air.

13.20: Yesterday evening, about 30 buses arrived. This resulted in chaos this morning at the crossing point. The cage surrounding it, was destroyed.

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Thessaloniki: solidarity demo for Idomeni migrants

Posted by clandestina on 2 December 2015

More than 1,000 people participated in yesterday’s soli-demo.

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