Migration and Struggle in Greece

Help with this blog

The main goal of  is to collect and disseminate content about immigration in Greece – tha latter is part of the Fortress Europe regime, of course.  This means we try to bring together news and analyses on the issue for an english-speaking public.  We think it is very important to break the language barrier and let an international audience know what is going on with immigration in Greece.

We also report on things we are involved in or we have a special interest in, and, in the context of the Group of Immigrants and Refugees local meetings, we try to have our own theoretical and interpretative take on the relevant developments.

Still, by means of  this blog we target mainly the dissemination of news – both from mainstream and alternative media – and of antagonistic viewpoints.  This content may be originally in English, or in Greek – the latter being the rule.  So, practically, even the supposedly easiest thing, the reproduction of already existing content, that is, presents us with various time consuming tasks, such as:

  1. the search for news about immigration + Greece in the net.
  2. the translation from Greek into English – which includes the need of proof reading the texts by fluent/”native” speakers of English – which we are not.
  3. the posting of this stuff on the blog
  4. the posting of this stuff at other relevant web places, such as IMCs, and more…

As you may have noticed, practical limitations usually do not allow us to do the diffuse posting  – and the proof reading of texts, which at times makes our content a bit shabby.

So, if you think you can help with any of the tasks listed above, or if you want to get involved otherwise in order to expand and enrich what we do, send us an email at


3 Responses to “Help with this blog”

  1. maria said

    hello. i can help with translations from greek to english as i am fluent in both languages, though mostly in english, so let me know if there is anything you would like me to translate..

  2. sultan said

    for afghan and Iranian !
    you can find out lot of article about Greece refugee in ( ), also you can post a lot of great article about afghan ans Iranian and Turkish . . i means in total refugee in Greece in Kabul press . thanks

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