Migration and Struggle in Greece

78 hunger strikers in hospitals

Posted by clandestina on 3 March 2011

2/3/2011 – 78 hunger strikers in hospitals

Μαρτίου 2, 2011

78 hunger strikers in hospitals

Last night, March 1, at least 78 immigrants hunger strikers were in hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki. The medical team responsible to support the hunger strikers decided the transfer to the hospitals because the hunger strikers were suffering from:


a) imminent acute renal failure (that is reversible if treated promptly),

b) severe dehydration with electrolyte deficiencies,

c) cardiac arrhythmias,

d) several other medical problems.


In several hospitals police «visited» the doctors and asked the Ids and data about the medical condition of the hunger strikers. When doctors refused to give any information about their patients, police have written down the names of the doctors. Such incidents in hospitals were taking place in Greece only during the period of the dictatorship.


Yesterday morning, riot police attempted to prevent a press conference in front of the parliament. Several trade unionists, intellectuals, artists and antiracist activists (among them the writer Vassilis Alexakis) were hit and pushed violently by the policemen. ( Photo ).


300 undocumented immigrants are now on the 37 day of hunger strike demanding to get papers.


You can send e mails and fax of protest to the following :




fax numbers:

MInistry of Interior, fax: 0030 2103665089,
Ministry of Citizen Protection, fax: 0030 2103387708
Ministry of Labour, fax: 2105249805, 0030 2103213688

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