Migration and Struggle in Greece

Migrant ship sinks off Corfu; 22 reported missing

Posted by clandestina on 16 January 2011

(Source: Associated Press/AP Online)

ATHENS, Greece – Greek authorities say a ship carrying a reported 263 migrants has sunk west of the island of Corfu and 22 passengers are missing.

Coast guards say they were alerted Saturday night by a passenger on the Hasan Reis saying that the boat was in danger, but high winds prevented rescue boats immediately taking to the water.

The passengers in the ship were rescued by a Dutch cargo ship about seven hours after the call that alerted the coast guard. The ship’s captain reported he took 241 people on board and that the Italy-bound Hasan Reis sank.

Authorities say they are waiting for the cargo ship’s imminent arrival at Corfu harbor. A helicopter search has found no survivors at sea.

5 Responses to “Migrant ship sinks off Corfu; 22 reported missing”

  1. talaourar said

    es ce que le 2decembre des barques ont coulées a corfou.mon fils été avec les migrants.ya t-il des disparus.pourquoi l.hopital de corfou refuse de donner les renseignement .sont-il dans la morgue?

  2. talaourar nacera said

    comment l.hopital de corfou reconnait la nationalite et le nom des migrant pour les tel 0559482330 merci

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