Migration and Struggle in Greece

A call by Athens Elementary School teachers in support of colleagues prosecuted for providing immigrant pupils with lessons of their parents’ language

Posted by clandestina on 18 January 2010

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A call by the teachers of the 132nd Athens Elementary School
At a time when achieving harmonious conviviality between the children of Greeks and immigrants poses a serious challenge for the Greek society, and has been commanded by the Greek state, Stella Protonotariou, former director of the 132nd Elementary School Athens will face on January 22, 2010 trial at the criminal court of Athens  on charges that she conceded premises of the school for the teaching of the mother tongue to pupils who speak that other languages.  Along with her will be faced with charges the teacher that taught  to schoolchildren their native language.   Mr Gioutlakis, the present director of the 132nd Primary School will be the witness for the prosecution.

We, the teachers of the school, who decided together with the former director the educational interventions implemented in the 132nd Elementary School, we invite all of you and all who fight every day for a better education, to attend the trial court at that day, to confirm with our presence not only that  Stella Protonotariou has our full support, but also our willingness to fight for a fairer world and a school that includes  all our pupils on equal terms.

It is worth noting that on the basis of a second report filed by the same witness, a preliminary examination by the police has been conducted on Stella Protonotariou for alleged misconduct, because along with the teaching of the Albanian mother tongue she also ran along with us Greek lessons to immigrant parents.

Teachers who work or have worked at the 132nd Athens Elementary School


Κορρέ Χρυσή Μακρυγιάννης Γεώργιος

Μάστορα Πολυξένη                                        Παπαδοπούλου Ευρώπη

Βασιλάκου Παρασκευή                                    Παυλοπούλου Ολυμπία

Βουλαλάς Κλεάνθης                                       Τσιροπούλου Μαρία

Σκαρτσίλας Σωτήρης                                      Ευθυμίου Τερέζα

Σταυροπούλου  Ηλιάνα                                    Γεμιδοπούλου Αικατερίνη

Χαραβιτσίδης  Πέτρος                                     Ταζοπούλου Στεργιανή

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