Migration and Struggle in Greece

Arson attacks against the Synagogue in Hania, Crete

Posted by clandestina on 19 January 2010

This is a translation of a  press release by the Forum of Migrants in Crete.  More about the arson attacks at

Hania, Crete January 18 2010.

Once again racist hate armed the hand of those who target the core of the rights OF US ALL.

The synagogue was for the second time in a few days engulfed in the flames of hatred.

We immigrants of Chania, with different religions, languages, places of origin, condemn all acts of racial hatred and all acts of violence and violation of religious rights. At the same time we fight for those things that are yet to be done  in our area (eg a Muslim cemetery).

Xenophobic, racist messages have been sent throughout Greece recently by both obscure circles and official parliamentary and political spheres, in response to the economic crisis or the new bill on immigration and citizenship; these have become the “official” ideology alibis of the fascist gangs in Chania and all over the country, as well as their political coverage for inciting crimes against immigrants and Greek people who act in solidarity, as well as for attacks on social spaces of resistance, or “different” religions.

They are the same political wings, of course, who despite the ideological alibi they offer for the burning of a Synagogue, they have not a single word to say about the massacre of hundreds of deaths in Gaza, one year ago; not a word for the on-going crime against the people who for so many years are imprisoned and are being murdered in their very homeland due to the criminal aggression of the Israeli ARMY.

We immigrants active in the Forum of Immigrants in Crete, we are determined to stand side by side with every Hania resident who does not want these phenomena to grow roots here; we will struggle to keep our town humane.

6 Responses to “Arson attacks against the Synagogue in Hania, Crete”

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  3. διδάκτωρ said

    Two British citizens where arrested as well. A second American that is wanted by the Greek policy has left the island, even though he has not used any of the civilian airports or any ship.

    The USA government should hand the criminal to the Greek policy and stop protecting him.

    It goes without saying that the USA and UK citizens that have been the perpetuators of this crime, where working in the NATO and USA bases in Hania.

    End the hypocrisy. Stop the USA and UK Nazis that are part of the military services of these countries now.

  4. saffo said

    i think it’s much more sinister than that. it’s obvious that the US and UK governments had a role in these arson attacks, as they are refusing to cooperate with the Greek government and are protecting these arsonists, but were so quick to make a statement about antisemitism in Greece.

  5. antigerman said

    Why does opposition to racism and zenophobia in Greece also require a denunciation of Israel? Are the Jews who attend the synagogue in Hania to be held responsible for Israeli government actions? This apparently anti-racist statement feeds the same forms of hatred which led to the arson attack, i.e. the collective punishment of the Jewish people for the crime of “Zionism”.

  6. truth said

    Isn’t it funny that the only piece of evidence connecting the suspects to the crime is video camera footage of five figures walking in the neighborhood in the night of the first burning and people already start making conspiracy theories? Greece, really, you don’t know how spoiled you are…do you know how many kids get killed by cops EACH NIGHT in Rio?!?

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