Migration and Struggle in Greece

Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Greece

Posted by clandestina on 16 October 2014

Read the report: 2014-26-inf-eng

Strasbourg, 16.10.2014 – The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) has published today the report on its eleventh visit to Greece. The visit took place two years after the CPT had issued a public statement in which it had expressed serious concerns regarding the lack of effective action to tackle systemic deficiencies concerning the conditions of detention of irregular migrants and the situation in the prisons. Regrettably, the findings of the 2013 visit demonstrate clearly that the situation has not improved. Further, the problem of ill-treatment by the police appears to be growing and there is little evidence that allegations of ill-treatment are investigated promptly and thoroughly, leading to some police officers believing they can act with impunity.

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January-September 2014: 3,072 migrant deaths in the Mediterranean…

Posted by clandestina on 16 October 2014


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Posted by clandestina on 16 October 2014

Originally posted on Φόρουμ Μεταναστών Κρήτης:



To all pertinent authorities:

On September 13 a mass murder of refugees in the Mediterranean is in the news. 500 people were on board on a ship that was later rammed. Only 10 survived. Six of them were transferred to Chania, Crete. Among them a young woman who had rescued two young children until the authorities had them collected. Unfortunately, one of them died during the transport. The child struggled for four days in the sea, but could not last a little longer…

The 19-year-old woman, a Syrian citizen, is Doaa Shorri. She held in her hands the two children for 4 days and 4 nights. She had even placed one of them inside her lifejacket, since she is a very petite woman.

She is now in Chania on her own, a guest at the house of the president of the local…

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Call for a »Watch The Med Alarm Phone« for Boatpeople

Posted by clandestina on 25 September 2014

11th of October 2013: Refugees from a sinking boat called again and again Italian coastguards via satellite phone in order to be rescued, but their SOS signals were not taken seriously. The boat carried more than 400 people and was shot at in the night before by a Libyan vessel. Despite the Italian and soon later the Maltese authorities having been warned of the imminent distress of the passengers, rescue efforts were delayed for several hours and patrol vessels arrived one hour after the boat had sunk. More than 200 people died, only 212 people were saved.

What would have happened if the boatpeople could have directed a second call to an independent phone-hotline through which a team of civil society members could raise alarm and put immediate pressure on authorities to rescue?

One year after the tragedy from Lampedusa on the 3rd of October
and after the left-to-die case mentioned above, the situation is no less dramatic. Although the Italian military operation “mare nostrum” led to the rescue of about 100.000 refugees and migrants within the last 11 months, only in the central Mediterranean area more than 1300 boatpeople became new victims of the border-regime. In the beginning of 2014 we witnessed more death at the external borders of EU: on the 20th of January 12 refugees died when their vessel sunk while being towed at high speed by a vessel of the Greek Coast Guard aiming to push it back towards the Turkish coast.

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700 migrants feared dead following two shipwrecks in the Mediterranean

Posted by clandestina on 16 September 2014

Seven hundred migrants are feared dead in two separate shipwrecks in the Mediterranean while trying to seek refuge in Europe.

At least 500 migrants may have drowned last week off the coast of Malta. Two survivors told the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that the traffickers deliberately sank the boat after an argument on board.

IOM said the two survivors were rescued on Thursday, the day after their boat sank.

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Nearly 2,000 Europe-bound migrants have drowned this year-UN

Posted by clandestina on 28 August 2014

GENEVA Tue Aug 26, 2014

Nearly 2,000 people fleeing Africa and the Middle East have drowned in the Mediterranean this year, most of them in the past three months as they tried to reach Europe from Libya, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

“In all, we believe that 1,889 people have perished this year while making such journeys, 1,600 of them since the start of June,” UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told a news briefing.

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UNHCR: over 800 deaths in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year

Posted by clandestina on 25 July 2014

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Thursday urged Europe to act urgently to the significant increase in the number of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean, in a statement released in Geneva.
In the last 10 days, more than 260 immigrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean, bringing to over 800 the number of deaths this year.
“The death of 260 people in less than 10 days, in horrible circumstances, shows that the crisis intensifies in the Mediterranean,” said High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres.
“Europeans must act urgently to prevent this catastrophe from worsening further,” he added.
Guterres called on governments to strengthen their relief operations, providing quick access to asylum procedures for those who need protection and find legal alternatives to the dangerous crossing the Mediterranean.
The balance of 800 dead since the beginning of the year is higher than the (600 dead) last year and 2012 (500).

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Immigrant dies in Amygdaleza detention center

Posted by clandestina on 23 July 2014

A 52-year-old man, held at the immigrant detention center at Amygdaleza, has passed away, after being taken to the Agia Olga hospital.

According to reports the 52-year-old man complained about problems with his health before being taken to the hospital for treatment, where he died a few hours later.

This is the fifth death of an immigrant held in a Greek detention center since the launching of “Xenius Zeus” police operation. Three died because there is insufficient medical assistance, one died under “undefined circumstances” and one immigrant committed suicide.

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Non-Citizen occupied Berlin TV-Tower

Posted by clandestina on 11 July 2014

Press release of occupy Berliner tower (July 9, 2014).
40 N-C from Bavaria occupy the Berlin tower today 3-O,clock.

Solidarity call out
We the refugees from different cities of germany are here in tv tower in berlin. We are more then 40 refugees including womens. Be was also in Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge in Nürnberg last week. We are in the streets from more then one year. We were involved in alot of political activities but until now from everywhere we are refused. from everywhere is the same reply nobody want to tell who is responsible for refugees inhuman laws and situations like lagerpflicht residenzpflich no work permission no right for normal education even to lern german language we were in in Nürnberg to tell tell them the situations of refugees lives and they deny directly to listen our problems and reply us to ask to politicians of parliament they make these laws and we have to knock the door of parliament we are here very peaceful just want to meet the responsible people to lisent our problems to listen our basic needs for a normal life with freedom were like we see everyday refugees are committing suicide we dont want to become crazy in inhuman situations we are here and we will stay until we get hope to have freedom of life.


Article on “Russia Today”:

Iconic Berlin TV tower occupied by 40 refugees seeking asylum in Germany

Photo from Twitter/@slowberlin

Photo from Twitter/@slowberlin

Berlin police used force to evict 40 refugees occupying the city’s landmark TV tower on Wednesday. The demonstrators emphasized their place in German society and called for better political conditions, stating, “We are also people.”


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Violent arrest of refugee activist of March4Freedom

Posted by clandestina on 3 July 2014

One refugee activist of #March4Freedom from Pakistan has got arrested violently by police while he was going from Berlin to Munich. Police imprisoned him right now in Hof in north Bavaria and they want to send him to the Auslanderbehorde. He has got a Dublin deportation going on and in high danger of deportation.

We need solidarity and specially for raising awareness against these racist laws and the racist treatment by the police. All of these happening under the act of ignorance of EU citizens.


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March for Freedom – video

Posted by clandestina on 30 June 2014

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Secret police scandal: Bus-Verkehr Berlin KG refuses to transport civil rights activists after “friendly” call by German criminal police

Posted by clandestina on 27 June 2014

Berlin/Brussels, 27 June 2014.

After a “warning” from the federal criminal police (Bundeskriminalamt), the bus charter company BVB canceled a contract of approx. EUR 6000 for coach buses for the “March for Freedom” from Brussels to Berlin. The buses had been paid in full on 6 June and were supposed to shuttle several hundred activists back to Berlin on Saturday, 28 June. Now the activists are stuck in Brussels.

It is likely that the German police wants to prevent the Brussels activists from joining the protesters at the occupied school in Berlin, who are resisting an ongoing eviction by police armed with machine guns.

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March for Freedom!

Posted by clandestina on 27 June 2014


More than 1000 people participated in the demonstration yesterday in Βrussels, led by refugees and sans papieres, in a great transnational composition and with powerful common slogans and songs..

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State Exerts Power Over Refugee Squat

Posted by clandestina on 27 June 2014


(By: Antje Dieterich; special thanks to neukoellnbild, photographer)

24.06.2014 berlin-kreuzberg: teilräumung der gerhart-hauptmann-schule #28

Tuesday morning the police moved to evict a former school that is being squatted by refugees. The Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule on Ohlauer Straße, in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin, has been squatted for the last year and a half. It became a central spot for the refugee strike, a movement fighting for equal rights for refugees in Europe during the last two years.

The fact that a squat was evicted is, unfortunately, not surprising. However, in this case there are some additional aspects that are worth mentioning.

First of all, the refugees began the squat with the promise to leave the building as soon as their political demands were met. No one planed on living in the school for longer than necessary. The sanitary conditions were insufficient and the rooms were crowded. It was not the classic “we came to stay” but rather a clear “we came to move on.”

The squatters chose the school because it is in the center of the city, making the immigrant squatters visible to the government and the general public — a confrontation that the German state usually avoids by building refugee-camps in the middle of nowhere, far from the public eye. (Some Photos from one of the camps at ‘Zeit Magazin’)

Nonetheless, the city government was in a dialogue with the protesting refugees for more than a year without any progress. While not solving any of the problems the refugees are protesting against the promise was made, however, that there would be no eviction.

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Bruxelles: demonstration of undocumented migrants and refugees

Posted by clandestina on 25 June 2014

June 26, 2014
Place du Béguinage Brussel 04.30 p.m

People from all over Europe organise a Caravan For Freedom to protest against the repressive European migration regime.

They are camping during the week 22 June-28 June in the Parc Maximilien in Brussel.
during this week various actions are made and debating take place. Ther will also be big demonstration on 26 June
The claims are
- Freedom of movement and of residence for all
– Stop the Dublin trap and the obligatory residence in asylum centres such as “Lagers” throughout Europe
– Permanent documents without criteria (not depending on working contracts or individual state prosecution)
– Stop imprisonment and deportation of migrants
– Same working conditions for all
– Same political, social and cultural rights for all
– Stop the European imperialist policies: no more freetrade treaties and NATO wars
– Abolish Frontex, Eurosur and other anti-migration agencies and measures

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“March for Freedom” arrives in Bruxelles!

Posted by clandestina on 23 June 2014

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Communiqué de presse Frontexit: « Frontex entre Grèce et Turquie : la frontière du déni » – Le déploiement de Frontex nuit au droit d’asile

Posted by clandestina on 20 June 2014

20/06/2014 – Journée internationale des réfugiés

 A la frontière gréco-turque, l’agence européenne de surveillance des frontières extérieures, Frontex, participe à un dispositif qui empêche les réfugiés de bénéficier de la protection internationale.  Le dernier rapport de la campagne FRONTEXIT, « Frontex entre Grèce et Turquie : la frontière du déni »  souligne les conséquences dramatiques de l’intensification de la surveillance à cette frontière (« push back », non accès à la demande d’asile, violences physiques et verbales, etc.) ainsi que le défaut de responsabilité de l’agence.

S’appuyant sur des dizaines de témoignages, ainsi que de nombreux échanges avec Frontex, le rapport documente des violations graves des droits humains commises dans ce centre de gravité des opérations de l’agence. Le Conseil de l’Europe, l’Agence des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne et le Rapporteur spécial des Nations Unies sur les droits humains des migrants ainsi que de nombreuses organisations de la société civile ont récemment exprimé leurs vives préoccupations vis-à-vis des violations commises à cette frontière.

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Hunger strike in Corinth detention center

Posted by clandestina on 10 June 2014

On June 9th, 2014 refugees detained in Corinth detention centre began a hunger strike to protest against indefinite detention. In February 2014, the Greek authorities had announced a policy of indefinite detention until repatriation, based on an opinion of the Legal Council of the Greek State. Only recently Athens court considered in an appeal-case of an Afghan refugee that the detention of more than 18 months is against national and European legislation and asked for it to be revoked.

Letter from the detainees:

Many undocumented refugees were arrested by the Greek authorities since a year and a half (August 2012). The massive controls and arrests were realised in a very racist and cruel way. People were brought in detention centres all around Greece. Without going into a lot of details about the bad situation that we, all these refugees, went through, our only fault was that we didn’t have a piece of paper.

When the detention centres were opened the Greek government published a law where the maximum detention period of a refugee was 6 months. Then they increased the detention period to a 1 year, then to 1 1/2 years and this is the maximum period that the Greek law allows today.

But then suddenly some weeks ago they even increased the detention duration to open end periods!!!!! This step was a racist decision. It is injustice. The aim of this is only to stop us refugees from coming to Greece, us whom we left our countries due to our suffering. Now we are forced to suffer in Greece.

With the systematic and open end detention the Greek government is massacring us. They are wasting our lives and killing our dreams and hopes inside the prisons. All of that while none of us has committed any crime.

Most of us are having severe health problems: both physical and
psychological. Specially those who stayed already more that 18 months are in a devastating state and desperately need support.

Today on 9.6.2014 we people detained in the detention centre of Corinth have started a hunger strike. We feel an immense pressure due to our unknown destinies. We protest against the illegal extension of the detention duration to more than 18 months!


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Posted by clandestina on 8 June 2014

The AFM in a statement yesterday morning said it was involved in a large scale operation which involved 25 migrant boats at sea simultaneously.

“The AFM is actively contributing to one of the largest aero-naval search and rescue operation that unfolded in the Mediterranean over the past years.

“The search and rescue operation saw the involvement of a number of Italian Navy/ Coast Guard vessels, US Navy warships, all the merchant vessels in the area as well as three AFM patrol vessels and an AFM Maritime Patrol Aircraft.”

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Luxembourg the 5th of June, 2014

Posted by clandestina on 6 June 2014


See pictures

See video

Today we were brutally attacked by police forces in Luxembourg during our peaceful blockade action against the summit of the European Council. While the Ministers of Interior Affairs of every EU member state were sitting inside behind closed doors speaking about the Mediterranean Task Force, the new Executive Director of Frontex as well as better ways to administrate the Schengen Area. As the agenda of the summit concerns us, the victims of their laws and policies, we wanted to send representatives of the Protest March for Freedom to read out our demands, since our voices – as a group that‘s fighting for the rights of the oppressed – should be the priority topic of such a summit. Our peaceful blockade got violently smashed by the police and security forces in and around the conference building. During their whole operation the police was not communicating with us in any way, even though most of the officers speak three languages (english, french and german). They ignored all our attempts to talk with them in order to explain to them that we want to talk in behalf of the refugees during the summit. Pepper spray attacks, beating with battons, kicks and bites of the police dogs were the only answer we received. The police also told us that in case we move further into the building where the summit took place, they have the authority to use their guns against us. Many of us got injured.

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Posted by clandestina on 5 June 2014


10 people without save status from the march were arrested during an action in front of a meeting of EU ministers of interior.

Police is blocking the other remaining people. 

more info:

6 of the arrested are refugees – without warning police attacked the march trying to block the building where EU interior ministers were meeting. Police violence included pepper spray to the eyes, tear gas, dogs (several bite wounds) kicking and beating. After the protesters cleared the entrance they were encircled by the police and ten specific people were picked out of the protest and arrested!!! Charges still unknown!!! Please spread the word and get Luxemburg on the streets.…



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Athens court rules more than 18 months detention of migrants is illegal

Posted by clandestina on 29 May 2014

The appeal against detention that was brought to court by the Greek Council for Refugees is of broader significance as it was the first case of its kind against the “endless detention duration. The decision 2255/23.5.2014 says that the endless detention defined as measure of compulsory stay in a detention centre by the states Legal Council Opinion 44/2014 is not according to law.

It states:

“it is not founded on any legislative provision”
“the compulsory measure imposed on the affected person is actually a continuation of his detention”

The case affects an Afghan refugee who was detained until May 5th 2014 a total of 18 months. Three days before that date (not even three months before as the Councils Opinion had defined) he received a documented informing him that his detention would be continued until he would “cooperate” to his “voluntary” deportation. The court decision was ruled on May 23rd and the refugee was released.

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Igoumenitsa: immigrant dies inside a truck

Posted by clandestina on 22 May 2014

Igoumenitsa port police has discovered the dead body of an Afghan refugee inside the cargo ares of a truck. The truck was going to board on a ship departing for Italy.

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Many immigrants dead and missing in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 5 May 2014

Two immigrants were found dead and 36 rescued after a new shipwreck in the Aegean, in the area north of Samos. Later. divers spotted 14 more dead bodies trapped in one of the two capsized boats.

The exact number of immigrants aboard the two boats that capsized is still unknown. According to the rescued immigrants, up to 65 people were trying to enter Fortress Europe on the two boats.

UPDATE: The number of dead immigrants pulled from the sea by Port Police has risen to 22…


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Shipwreck near Izmir: Another 8 refugees found dead up to now, yet 5 missing

Posted by clandestina on 17 April 2014

8 dead, 3 rescued wounded and 5 missing. The boat which sank near Menderes district close to Izmir carried 16 refugees.
Among the dead a mother and a small girl of 4-5 years. Most of them were seemingly from Syria.


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One dead in cost guard pursuit in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 15 April 2014

A man lost his life during the chase of a vessel carrying undocumented immigrants by a coast guard high speed boat. The killing took place this morning near the island of Kos.
According to preliminary information, the vessel had earlier debarked seven immigrants on the beach of Psalidi, Kos.  It was spotted by the military watchtower of the island, who notified port police officials. During the chase of the vessel one man was shot dead.

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Private security firms bid on Greek asylum centres

Posted by clandestina on 4 April 2014


BRUSSELS – Private security firms are bidding to guard EU-funded migrant detention centres in Greece amid a report by Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), which says poor conditions in some of the facilities are causing disease.

Greek authorities received EU money to refurbish and renovate Fylakio Oresteiadas, a pre-removal detention centre located in a remote area near the Turkish border.

Greece now wants to outsource its security, along with two other pre-removal centres in Corinth and Paranesti Dramas, to a private security firm for €14 million a year.

Fylakio was among others included in a scathing MSF report out on Tuesday (1 April). Read the rest of this entry »

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Greece wants to detain migrants now more than 18 months

Posted by clandestina on 27 March 2014

Detention centres are called “pre-removal centres”; indefinite detention duration is called “protection from the poverty of freedom.

The Legal Council of State on February 11th issued a disgraceful opinion the detention duration of migrants / refugees (No. 44/2014). It pretty much says that after the expiry of the 18-month (maximum) detention of aliens, they can still be held for an indefinite period. This extended detention which is against European Law is called “caveat of compulsory residence in a pre-removal centre” and as such is only ending in case of co-operation for voluntary return.

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Boat carrying 8 migrants sinks

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2014

18 March 2014. A boat carrying eight migrants sank 1.5 miles off the coast of the Karaada island in the southwestern province of Muğla’s Bodrum district, on Tuesday.

According to the authorities three people were rescued and four people were killed when the boat sank. Coast guard is still searching for one more migrant believed missing from the boat.

Three coast guard vessels and two private boats were involved in the search.

The rescued migrants have been taken to the hospitals in Bodrum.

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New deadly shipwreck in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2014

7 immigrants have died, 8 have been rescued and at least two are missing in a new shipwreck in the Aegean, near the island of Lesvos.

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3 immigrants shot in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 6 March 2014

Cost police spotted a boat carrying refugees from Syria. Under undefined circumstances, 3 immigrants ( two men and one woman) were shot. The incident took place thi nnoon, close to the island of Oinouses ( near Chios island) in the Aegean.

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1500 Migrants attempt to storm Ceuta – Guardia Civil beat them on Moroccan Soil

Posted by clandestina on 6 March 2014

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, around 1500 people tried to storm the Ceuta border fence. They were heavily beaten by Spanish Guardia Civil forces who were operating on Moroccan soil. There are rumours of three people dead or at least heavily injured.
The following is from an eye witness account.
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Demonstration and assault against the detention camp of Rome

Posted by clandestina on 17 February 2014

Yesterday, around 10.000 people marched against the detention center for migrants (CIE) of Rome Ponte Galeria. In the days before police arrested 17 comrades from the movement for the right to the house very active in the mobilization against the CIE and deported back to their countries several migrants that did the hunger strike against the detention. The same day of the march cops confiscated the truck with the amplification, making impossible to communicate during the demonstration.


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Migrants saved in Greek boat accident mourn relatives – and dispute claims

Posted by clandestina on 29 January 2014

Survivors say coastguards refused to help them as vessel sank and stamped on hands of those clinging to Greek boat

  • in Athens
  • The Guardian, Monday 27 January 2014 20.14 GMT
    Afghan migrant Fadi Mohamed, who lost his wife and children when the boat sank off Farmakonisi

    Fadi Mohamed, an Afghan who lost his family when the boat sank, describes seeing coastguards kicking a refugee. Photo: Nikolas Georgiou/Demotix/Corbis

    Even now, eight days later, they can both still taste the sea. Just as they can still feel the water slipping through their fingers as they desperately tried to bail out the boat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Boat Carrying Sans-Papiers Immigrants Sinks In Aegean, Killing Four

Posted by clandestina on 27 January 2014

At least four sans-papiers immigrants died and two were lost at sea while 13 were rescued from a boat which sank off Kuasadasi Gulf of Aydin province in Turkey’s Aegean coast on Friday, according to initial reports from the governorate of Aydin. Read the rest of this entry »

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Greek Coast Guard drowned refugees near Farmakonisi during push-back attempt

Posted by clandestina on 22 January 2014


Eyewitnesses accuse the Greek Coast Guard of drowning migrants off the coast of the island of Farmakonisi on January 20th, 2013. 9 children and 3 women died!
As UNHCR reports: “According to survivors’ testimonies, the Coast Guard boat towing their vessel was heading, at high speed, towards the Turkish coast, when the tragic incident happened amid rough seas. The same witnesses said people were screaming for help, since there was a large number of children on the boat”.
 International organisations have condemned, several times, the refoulement policy against migrants entering Greece without papers.
 Read the rest of this entry »

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12 immigrants missing in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 20 January 2014

1.5 miles from Pharmakonisi island (near Leros island) a fishing boat, transporting undocumented immigrants, capsized today. 16 immigrants have been rescued and 12 are reported missing (9 children and 3 women).

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Greek police demands the deportation of an immigrant who was arrested during poster sticking for a demonstration against detention centers!

Posted by clandestina on 31 December 2013

Greek police demands the deportation of an Albanian immigrant who was arrested along with 11 other comrades on 28/12 in Victoria Square in Athens during a public intervention and poster sticking for the demonstration against immigrants detention centers that will take place in Athens on January 11 2014.

On Monday, December 30, the trial of our comrades was postponed for January 8, 2014 due to the absence of witnesses. They were all set free until the trial, except for the immigrant. Despite the judge’s decision to set him also free, the immigrant was illegally detained by the police on the pretext of “administrative reasons”, although he had all the required documents (meaning that he is a “legal” immigrant). The greek police used once more the legal loophole which allows the authorities to extend the detention of migrants, regardless of whether they have papers, having as an excuse their “potential threat to public order and safety”.

The albanian immigrant was transferred to the infamous Petrou Ralli police headquarters for immigrants. Police has already requested his deportation.

UPDATE: after lawyers’ pressure, the comrade has been released.

This is the poster:


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New shipwreck in the Aegean: 3 dead, 9 missing

Posted by clandestina on 10 December 2013

On Monday December 9 a boat carrying Sans-papiers immigrants (mainly refugees from Syria) sank near the island of Chios. 27 immigrants were rescued, 3 found dead and 9 are missing.

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Thessaloniki: 13-year-old Serbian girl dies in a tragic accident, her mother to be deported

Posted by clandestina on 3 December 2013

A 13-year-old girl of Serbian origin has died of carbon monoxide poisoning in an apartment in Thessaloniki, northern Greece.
The young girl and her mother used indoors a barbecue apparatus in order to heat themselves, as DEI (the electricity supply company in Greece) has cut-off electricity because of unpaid bills.
The mother was arrested for involuntary homicide. Given the circumstances, the prosecutor let her free for the criminal part of the case. But then … the Immigration Police came in: they discovered the mother had not renewed her residence permit, and they gave her 30 days to leave the country …

After the scandal generated, the ministry of public order decided to grant a 6-months residence permit for humanitarian reasons…

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3 immigrants missimg in Evros river

Posted by clandestina on 1 December 2013

A group of immigrants who crossed the Greek-Turkish borders on a small boat via Evros river, reported to the police that three more immigrants who were traveling with them are missing.

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New shipwreck with dead refugees in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 1 December 2013

Five refugees from Syria have lost their lifes in a new shipwreck in the Aegean, amongst them a 2-months-old baby. The boat capsized close the island of Lesvos. Nine refugees were rescued.

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Two Greek coast guard officers convicted over 2007 migrant abuse

Posted by clandestina on 27 November 2013

Two coast guard officers were found guilty and one cleared on Tuesday of
torturing Moroccan migrants on Chios in 2007.

The navy tribunal handed the two men suspended jail sentences of three
and six years.

One of their two victims appeared in court and said he was subjected to
waterboarding and fake executions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ship wreck with dead immigrants in the Ionian sea

Posted by clandestina on 15 November 2013

Another ship wreck with dead immigrants occurred in Greece, this time near the island of Lefkada in Ionian sea. The boat capsized and according to initial reports there are at least eight dead immigrants. A greek coastguard vessel spotted the overturned boat. Fifteen immigrants had managed to reach the beach, but eight others were found dead. Rescued immigrants reported that more undocumented were aboard and are now reported missing.

Update: The final death toll is 12 immigrants dead, four of them children…

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Pushed Back – refoulement of refugees at the Greek-Turkish land and sea border

Posted by clandestina on 8 November 2013

On the Greek-Turkish land border refugees are systematically refouled with brutal, shocking and systematic violations of human rights: ‘When they left us in the Turkish waters they made waves again and six of us – all men – fell into the sea. The Greeks saw that, but they didn’t help, they just left.’ PRO ASYL documents these systematic pushback in the report “Pushed Back – systematic human rights violations against refugees in the aegean sea and the greek-turkish land border”. With few exceptions, all documented pushback took place in the area of ​​operations of Frontex. PRO ASYL raises the question of the involvement of Frontex on the human rights violations and calls: Frontex must end its operations in Greece.

Report:” target=”_blank”>
Summary (in German):

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is this just a hypothesis?

Posted by clandestina on 7 October 2013

is this just a hypothesis?

no, it is the simple truth (from an Athens wall)

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Wasim’s story and the cruel fate of refugees in Greece

Posted by clandestina on 5 October 2013

Many men, women and children continue to die at the borders of Europe as they flee their homeland. If they survive, they will be treated as criminals.

By Sofiane Ait Chalalet and Chris Jones

Wasim is a refugee from Syria. In late July he was dropped by boat on a remote, densely wooded and rocky shore of Samos island, with his wife, young son and baby daughter. Without enough water or food, he swam to find help. Ignored by passing boats, he eventually found help, and from there went to the police. He was immediately arrested and held for a subsequent six weeks. Throughout this time and despite, from the beginning, pleas that someone look for his wife and children, he heard nothing from or about them. Six weeks later he would find them dead.

We first met Wasim Abo Nahi at the beginning of September. He had just returned to Samos island in the eastern Aegean from Athens, where he had been held for processing as an undocumented refugee. He was accompanied by his nephew, Abdalah and Mohammed, a friend from Athens. All of them are Palestinian refugees. Read the rest of this entry »

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Migrants: another political carnage

Posted by clandestina on 3 October 2013

The following one is the English translation of the statement published by the Coordinamento Migranti after the death of hundreds migrants in the Sicily channel on October 3rd, 2013. 

Hundreds migrants dead today add thousands migrants dead in the last twenty years. Besides numbers, these carnages are “normal” since the Europe of Schengen, celebrating the internal freedom of movement, homogenized the system of residence permit while pretending that the countries on the border “filter” migrants’ movement. The true face of Schengen was exposed by the European Council few hours before this carnage took place: Italy is too “sweet” in managing arriving migrants. This discourse is certainly appreciated by the right-wingh parties of Europe but also by the Italian president Napolitano. He is so happy that Italy has a government, that he pretends to govern foreign coasts. The father of the law which paved the way to the Bossi-Fini is consistent with himself, just like the Lega nord – usually racist – and the Movimento 5 stelle, which opposed the jus soli and now reaffirms its State politics by calling an help of European Union in controlling Italian borders. Read the rest of this entry »

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Amygdaleza Concentration Camp: “Well, sorry to bother you, but we thought we’d revolt here…”

Posted by clandestina on 12 September 2013

Reporter: You live in a container. Is it nice here or would you like to return to your country?

Immigrant: No here it’s a mess, but I don’t want to go back.

Minister of Police and Suppression Dendias (smiling ironically): It takes time. In a month, a month and a half, he will have changed his mind.

September 2012, Amygdaleza concentration camp


And indeed the incarcerated immigrants soon changed their minds. But they didn’t ask to return back because they couldn’t endure the unlivable conditions of detainment and the inhumane means the greek state so eagerly uses. They turned their despair into rage and revolt.

On the night of August the 10th 2013, at the isolated and enclosed concentration camp for immigrants without papers in Amygdaleza, the biggest of its kind in Greece and after a year of psychological and physical torments, the damned set fire on walls and consciousness and become visible even for a while with their bodies and voice.

25 kilometers far from the center of Athens, at a vast, unapproachable and desolated land, where barbed wire succeeds cops and cops succeed barbed wire, the insurgent immigrants set containers-cages on fire, attack their prison guards with plastic bottles and gravel, try to break the iron doors and fences. Ten of them –temporarily- find the way to freedom, outside what they call “the greek Guantanamo”.

“For an hour and a half we gave battle, 8 people against 1000. All of us took a very hard beating and we are nearly crippled. If they wanted and had a better plan they would have killed us”. (An obviously false testimony of a police officer from the team of direct intervention.)

Nobody saw a “crippled” cop. But we saw battered immigrants dragged around court in chains. Nobody managed to meet the heavily wounded on whom prison guards took vengeance and who remain “missing” inside the camp. On the outside, cops of all forms and fascists patrol the area for days. Lowlife scumbag “greyhounds” chase after human-preys with dark color skins who pose a threat to none and nothing, except for S. Douros the mayor of Acharnon (municipality where Amygdaleza belongs to) and his keen who are “locked inside their houses because they fear the runaways”. They can stay there as long as they want. Let them stay there forever.

Revolt and solidarity inside and outside the walls will crush brutality

Immigrants, who are arrested as responsible for the riot, are taken to the foreigners’ center at Petrou Ralli and at a local police station, where they are “greeted” with beatings and humiliations. The detainees of Amygdaleza’s camp aren’t allowed to come out of the containers, which due to the very high temperatures get extremely hot. In a place where it still reeks of tear gas, most of the containers don’t have electricity or water. They aren’t allowed to communicate with lawyers; instead they are forced to clean the grounds of the concentration camp, even the cops‘ cars. An immigrant, who had nothing to do with the events, gets bruised legs just because a few minutes earlier he had managed to talk to his lawyer.

At Petrou Ralli torture and racist terror is next. Every night. “And now for some love”, says the perverted being which is called a cop, as he gives a scarce and awful portion of food, waiting for the immigrants to finish so that he can take them out of their cells, one by one, and kick the hell out of them with 6-7 of his colleagues.

On Monday August 12th, 57 immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Morocco are transferred to Evelpidon courthouse in Athens. Without lawyers -except for two who came on their own without being able to participate at the procedure-, without translators, with one appointed translator, without being able to understand what’s going on or what is going to happen; the immigrants are accused with felony crimes: stance with aim to violently escape, violent unprovoked physical injury, attack to guards, escape attempted and finite, arson, unprovoked damage of property, insult.

In reality the “charge” is only one: revolt against their daily living hell.

After two days 24 of them are held under police custody, which means that they are held in isolation at the basements of Petrou Ralli. Shortly after, they are sent to various prisons around they country.

The rest will be sent back to Amydgaleza or other detention centers. The case remains open. Until now 65 immigrants remain under prosecution. Of the ten that managed to escape, 4 have been arrested.

For three days, immigrants thirsty, hungry and beaten, some barefoot but with dignity and standing, are dragged from building to building inside a courthouse packed with cops but empty of solidarity and support.

The district attorney forbids the solidarity turnout. Police squads drive out with force a team of 30 people anti-authoritarians, anarchists, and autonomists, people from local assemblies that came to show their solidarity. These people remain outside the courthouse where the put up banners and shout slogans when the immigrants arrive.

A lawyer is needed in order for a few bottles of water and some orange juices to reach the immigrants. The straw is not allowed. “They could escape using that”, says the commanding officer of this hideous operation. “Apart from that, it’s an insult to greek police. We provide them with whatever they need”.

(Indeed… Amygdaleza and all the other detention centers are, among other things, a huge business, with direct committals to certain providers… who prey on European funding. For the 1600-2000 detainees on Amygdaleza –their exact number is not known- EU pays everyday 120.000 euro!, money which is turned into miserable portions of food and nonexistent cleaning supplies.)

There’s no law. The accused have no “rights”. There are no reporters, sensitive but absent pen pushers, there are no teams, no networks or organizations “for the rights of immigrants and refugees”, suddenly there is an absence of hundreds of organizations with heavy names and even heavier mouthfuls. There are no “immigrant communities”, no NGOs which are fund to be silent. NOONE. The desolation and the barbed wire have expanded everywhere. There are only some “orders from above” and plain mockery. There are only the orderly lies of authority, the inversion of words, which make way for the horror of deeds, that name “Xenios Zeus” the daily manhunt of immigrants around the cities and the countryside, that name “hosting centers” the crypts of abolishment for people whose only “fault” is their existence. There is also the pounding of the dominant media and mainstream shapers of public opinion, who aim consciously and systematically at the most “dangerous” enemy of the greek society, the “intruder”, the “uncivilized”, the “impure”, the immigrant, those men and women, with or without papers.

But despite all, the tortures, the humiliations, the defective and shallow solidarity shown to them, at the courthouse the immigrants seem to have strength and courage, when they can, make the sign of victory when they can and smile.

It’s not even the prolongation of their detainment from 12 to 18 months, without having committed any “criminal offence”, not even the blockage of their legalization by all means, not even the miserable conditions of their lockup and hygiene, it’s not even the despair of isolation or the lack of a rudimentary hopeful perspective that constitute the causes of their revolted dignity. All the above may be really important, but the main reason is the thirst and the will for life and freedom, the spontaneous resistance to modern fully armed brutality.

Amygdaleza, Corinthos, police departments…. Revolts, hunger strikes, suicides

On April 13th 2013, hundreds of immigrants held at various concentration camps and police departments (aka hellholes), stand up by starting a hunger strike, which within 24 hours spread out to confinement centers all over the country and around 1800 people participate.

On April 24th 2013, 12 Afghans, 4 Syrians start a hunger strike at the port of Mytelene, Lesvos by denying the food brought to them by local volunteers, who care for and feed immigrants and refugees that live at the port.

On June 23rd 2013, a twenty year-old immigrant from Ivory Coast commits suicide inside a police station at Grevena, where he was been held waiting to be send back to his country.

On Friday 12th of June, a 26 year-old immigrant from Pakistan is found hanged inside the toilet of the police department at Servia-Kozani. He was arrested because he didn’t have the appropriate papers for his stay in Greece.

On Saturday 27th of July, an Afghan refugee Mohammed Hasan, a prisoner at Corinthos concentration camp, with respiratory infection and respiratory failure, dies, or to be more precise, he is being murdered from a regime which forbid him to be transferred to a hospital for 11 months. At the hospital, after his death, he was given parole with a 6-month suspension of his deportation for “technical reasons”. Truly free, not even in death.

On Saturday 24th of August, a refugee from Afghanistan climbs on the railings of his window on the 2nd floor of the same camp and falls into the void from 5 meters, resulting in multiple fractures and heavy wounds.

On Wednesday 28th of August, 400 immigrants, held for more than a year at a detention center at Orestiada proceed to hunger strike. All of them demand one and only thing: their freedom.

On the last 3 or 4 months there have been multiple suicide attempts at various concentration camps, while many incidents of protest and resistance, followed by hard suppression are being systematically concealed by the police and the government.

And the long line of these murderous anti-immigration policies grows even longer. Immigrants, in their attempts to cross the borders without having the necessary papers find tragic deaths either from drowning at the Aegean sea and the river of Evros, or from the harsh conditions of their tormenting journey. Bit even if they manage to get into the country they face police pogroms, the knives of the fascists, the shotguns of various bosses and the filthy racist “everyday people”.

Minister Dendias: “When you arrest them, you clean them, you vaccinate them, you confine them and you give them the option to return home. Which “option”? Even the immigrants that ask to return to their countries remain prisoners for months without any explanations, because the main aim of the rulers are to make them “disappear” from public space and isolate them on faraway and unreachable facilities.

And he continues: “We closed down Evros. And what to we tell them? If you come to Greece you will not be free, you will not walk around here and there as you wish, you cannot go anywhere else, we will catch you, we will put you in the center, you will stay there and the only way to get out is to sign a form and return to your country, or we send you”. Dead or alive, he “forgets” to add.

Are we with the death that sovereignty carries or with the life that struggle promises?

The revolt of the damned in Amygdaleza, the insurrections that came before that and all that will follow besides all the implicit reason that cause them, clearly show the determination of immigrants not to be “buried alive” inside these confinement facilities, as well as the vigor to stand up to prison guards with all their means. It’s an attack against the racist state, its police deputy Dendias, the diffused racial and social racism that is integrated in the thought and actions of the mainstream right-wing parties, from the constituent of “Democratic Left” to the spineless gang members of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), to all who hail and press for the expansion of these hellholes.

Solidarity to the insurrected immigrants, the only part of this society that fights during the “summer still air and the movements’ slackness” is a two-way relation of a fight against exploitation, humiliation, slavery, death, in other words, against sovereignty, bigger or smaller bosses fascists and their lot represent and believe.

Immigrants that revolted defend that part of society that hasn’t still been demoralized. We have to defend them in their daily fight.

We are and we will be on their side.




initiative no lager

August 2013



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400 immigrants on hunger strike in Orestiada detention center

Posted by clandestina on 28 August 2013

The morning of Wednesday, August 28, around 400 immigrants detained in the concentration camp of Orestiada (near the Greek-Turkish land border) staged a hunger strike.
The reason is that yesterday, the detention center authorities announced that the immigrants’ detention time will be extended to 18 months. The prisoners expressed their intense discomfort as many of them are in the camp for over a year without having committed any crime, without even having been in trial in any court of any kind.
Soufian, a refugee from Syria, is on a hunger strike for one week. This morning he fainted and was transferred to hospital. Alois, from Iran, last nigh sewed his lips. They all ask only one thing: freedom.

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New shipwreck – six immigrants dead in the Aegean

Posted by clandestina on 12 July 2014

Six immigrantslost their lives yesterday (Friday, July 11) when their boat sank ten nautical miles from Karlovasi (Samos). Port police boats rescued 13 refugees, 12 men and one woman.

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