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Testimony from Pagani (and Athens after it)

Posted by clandestina on 11 November 2009


“We really didn’t feel like refugees!”

Athens, 25th of October 2009 | Reflections on Lesvos two months after Noborder:

Hello, my name is Milad. I am 17 years old. I was for 23 days imprisoned in Pagani in Mitilini and first I want to define how was the situation inside this prison and how was the behaviour of police and doctors with us.

Some guys were sick for weeks, they were calling for a doctor, but nobody was ready to listen to our voices. There was no treatment for sick persons and the drinking water had a bad smell. If we asked for a doctor, for clean water or anything, mostly nobody was even listening.

They also did not have a good behaviour to the families with the small kids. One day I saw the kids had their ten minutes time to go out. They were playing football and one policeman was beating a small kid, he was about 8 years old, his mother was crying.
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Demonstration for Mohammed Kamran Atif’s death

Posted by clandestina on 16 October 2009

Thersitis call for the demo

Thersitis call for the demo

assembly of rebels from Salamina, Perama, Keratsini, Drapetsona, Nikaia & Resalto

assembly of rebels from Salamina, Perama, Keratsini, Drapetsona, Nikaia & Resalto


Demo for Mohammed Kamran Atif’s death, Davaki sq. Perivolaki, Nikaia, Athens, Sat. 17 Oct. 12.00





September 26, 1:30 am, 15 cops invaded at the house of Pakistani workers in street Heliopolis 82, Nikaia (area of Pireas). Mohammed Atif Kamran and his relatives and roommates were beaten up by the caps and afterwards Mohammed Atif Kamran was led to the police department of Nikaia as a suspect of beating an underage person. There (at the police station) the savage beating continued. Tied his hands and hit with truncheon. They did electroshock at his knees and hands…

The complainant did not recognize him and withdraw the complaint and finally cops released him after they forced his brother to sign that he received Mohamment without any single bruise.

On October 9, Mohammed Kamran died because of the special police “care” which had “accepted” few days ago.

The democratic hilarity of “human rights” can not conceal that Life in capitalism doesn’t worth the same for everyone. Modern “fugitives” (immigrants, refugees) considered as expendable for this intensive exploitation and bloody repression.

Every Mohammed is an everyday target. At the borders, in minefields, at sea, in the concentration camps, in queues for an asylum claim, to police “cleaning” operations, to racist pogroms, in fascist attacks, at the extreme-right rhetorics, in media…

The system rhetoric about “isolated incidents” and “unfortunate incidents” can not convince anyone anymore, not even the most naive. Especially after last year’s murder of 15 year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos. Democracy murders. Police brutality is only the expression of the repressive state-capitalist barbarism: oppression, exploitation, subjugation and death. And all these do not change with government changes but only with social revolution and the advent of a free world without any power.


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Revolt in Pagani last Saturday

Posted by clandestina on 16 October 2009

from no border lesvos 09

Revolts, revolts

After the last revolt, we didn’t receive much news from Pagani. But now, there is this bit which we would like to share with you:

Last Saturday there was a revolt in Pagani. The prisonners set fire in their cell and the police was forced to open the door and put out the fire, so that the prisoners would not suffocate. 3 prisoners had to be brought to hospital. The prisoners’ demands are to be registered and to be set free and not to be kept imprisonned some more and some less long.

went tolast night 14/10 there was once more a revolt in pagani. Women and men started it. The prisononers said that the police hit two prisoners and took them away, probably to the police jail. The policemen told the prisnoners that everytime a revolt starts they will take two
people out of them to prison. Even if they did not take part in the revolt.

Last week a woman was brought to Pagani after giving birth, and was set free after three days only because of the pressure from outside.

Today the jungest prisoner is a mere30 days old.

The police together with the local authorities is responsible for the punishing attitude towards the prisoners, responsible for the imprisonment of minors and women and children.

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