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Solidarity with the Kurd Political Refugee Haydar Bozkurt’s hunger strike!

Posted by clandestina on 28 April 2009

10427_0904271216Info and photo from this TVXS article and this YRE-Greece announcement.


The Kurd refugee Haydar Bozkurt, who expects a negative decision of his 3rd appeal for for political asylum, is in the 14th day of his hunger strike. Haydars health is already in a very bad condition after his imprisonment, the tortures he was subjected to , and his attempt to set himself on fire and the long hunger strike in Turkey, yet he started again hunger strike until death on April 13.

Hayndar has already received 2 negative responses to his application for political asylum and he is awaiting the third one. The Greek authorities do not accept the findings of the Medical Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (ΙΚΑΘΒ), which confirms that he has been tortured and does not consider that there is a threat to his life if deported to Turkey.

Hayndar was arrested in Istanbul by the Turkish security authorities in December 1995 because he was a member of DHKP / C. He was tortured for 11 days (a medical report certifies that). Then he was transferred to security prisons at Bayram Pasha until April 2001.

Then he was left temporarily released due to serious health problems; he had participated in the long hunger strike for better conditions of imprisonement of political prisoners in Turkey. The Turkish government trying to appease spirits within in the international community released some moribund strikers. One of them was Hayndar.

On November 2002 the Turkish authorities made many arrests and exercised violent repression on protests.  To avoid a new arrest and the degrading tortures he set himself on fire. He suffered burns on more than 65% of his body surface.

He came to Greece in December 2002. He forwarded an application for political asylum, which was rejected on 14/2/2004. He lodged an appeal against the negative decision on 23/4/2004.

Given that the Greek state does not take into account anything (documents, medical certificates), not even in the case of someone so obviously tortured, he decides to go and seek asylum in Germany.

The German authorities return him to Greece on 16 December 2004, because the decision of the appeal which had been lodged was pending. In Greece his special legal status expires and he is detained and faced with deportation to Turkey. Later in the year he lodges an appeal against his deportation and he is released again on a provisional legal status. On 18 August 2007 he is handed a document stating that his asylum procedure suspension is again on track. Still, until now he has not been granted political asylum despite the fact that the Turkish authorities have issued an arrest warrant since 2003



He demands:

– that political asylum is granted to all refugees risking their lives from possible deportation

– a better treatment to refugees by the Greek state. That the humiliation and torture of refugees by the Greek authorities cease.

– that the Kurd Arslan Taifoun Ozkiok is released from Koridalos prison, since his life is in immediate danger if the Greek government expels him in Turkey.

– that all refugees who suffer health problems are allowed to go to countries where they can receive proper care.

It is worth noting that the Greek state has been refusing to grant political asylum to Kurdish refugees since 2000.

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Hands off the political refugee Aslan Tayfun Özkök!

Posted by clandestina on 23 April 2009


solidarity poster

solidarity poster

The turkish leftist fighter Aslan Tayfun Özkök is threatened directly with deportation to turkey by the greek state. We call everyone to support him in order to stop his deportation.

Aslan Tayfun Özkök has fought for many years against the oppressive regime of Turkey. During the 1980s junta he was imprisoned for many years and tortured due to his political beliefs. And also he was adjudicated for a law life sentence by the government of 1980s junta. He had been living outside Turkey for some time now until he was imporisoned again for about 8 months in Cyprus. Immediately after his detention he applied for political asylum which was however rejected by the cypriot state resulting in his deportation to greece. on march 25th he was arrested at the airport by the greek officials and after waiting for 5 days to go through trial he was imprisoned.

In recent years an “antiterrorist hysteria” has prevailed in the countries of the E.U. which targets political fighters and which seems to have worsened with the recent economic crisis. Because for this refugees are slandered as terrorists so as to easily have their rights hurt. This series of attacks has climaxed with the most recent example of the attempt of the greek state -and of the dominant class- to deport ozkok. This hostile act can be faced only with a common fight on the side of the anti imperialist, antifascist, antimilitary powers to prevent his deportation and any other hostile prctice of this sort.

Reality in the modern turkish regime is that every fight for democracy is condemned as a crime. Objectors are murdered in the streets and in police departments. Tortures continue consistently while fighters, intellectuals and writers are imprisoned in type F prisons. Despite all this, a fake image of democratization is given outside as well as within the country. This image is demolished by the reality that people live as the real face of the fascist state is more and more obvious with the daily murders.

By highlighting the pretext of the supposed democratization of the country, the deportations of kurdish and turkish political refuges continue and act as a political partnership for the crimes of dominant class. For this reason, in the case of a deportation of ozkok- who no longer has any safety in turkey, even for his own life- the greek government is responsible. It must resign from this reactionary position and offer him political asylum.

We ask:
For political asylum to be given to Aslan Tayfun Özkök and to all the political refugees.
For Aslan Tayfun Özkök to be freed immediately!

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