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Kuneva’s case buried in political and legal manouvres

Posted by clandestina on 15 November 2009

The Greek government’s effort to hide the closing of Kuneva’s case in plain sight.

In the last week Konstantina Kuneva’s case made it into the headlines.   Kuneva spoke to tv channels and newspapers; the ministry of employment offered her an apartment; the minister of citizens protection (ex-public order) Chrysochoidis said he takes under his personal care the effort to find and arrest the perpetrator(s) of the crime against her. Together with the ministry of economics, he signed an 1 milion euros reward for them (400.000 more than the one for the anarchists “robbers in black”). The effort of the minister of citizens protection is clearly to appear unbiased against any kind of crime, to reverse the mood against him, that with his provocative stance towards Exarcheia he provoked the strike against the police station of Aghia Paraskevi… and of course to “disarm” ideologically anarchists in view of December.

All these at a time when the case’s legal future was decided by judges. The examiner of the case had suggested that it should be archived; the public attorney was against this; the pertinent to resolve the disagreement first degree council of judges decided not to close the case and go on with the examination process. . This was hailed by mainstream press as a progressive sign of the justice system willing to continue the search for truth and justice.

There is a catch to it, however. The case will not officially close, still, everything the attorney suggested that should be done was rejected, apart from the provision that Kuneva may be examined once more.   In other words, the decision does not at all take into account the memorandum by Kuneva’s lawyers on the blatant defficiencies and stubbornly wrong orientation of the police work on the case.

This means that the police will be judicially justified to continue turning away testimonies, as they did hours only after the event, when they turned away people from the nearby area willing to testify, on the pretext that since they did not see the crime itself happening their testimonies were useless!!! And of course, they are not going to look at the direction of Kuneva’s employers, who were palpably directing the research and examination process from behind the scenes.

In other words, the case is in effect closed.

Info and analysis from this week’s issue of KONTΡΑ newspaper.

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4 of the Nikea marchers released as pressure mounts against the hood-law

Posted by clandestina on 21 October 2009

Submitted by taxikipali on Oct 21 2009, at

Five of the eight marchers of Nikea, arrested last Saturday during an anti-torture demo, have been released after court hearing. Meanwhile pressure against the hood-law used against 4 of the 8 for the first time in Greece is mounting with occupations and solidarity.

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Cleaners march for Kouneva – Racist Police against Pakistanis in Aegaleo

Posted by clandestina on 3 July 2009

update by the user taxikipali at

Cleaners march in Athens demanding Kouneva case to remain open

Submitted by taxikipali on Jul 3 2009

Cleaners of the autonomous PEKOP union march in Athens demanding that the case on the assassination attempt against their secretary, K. Kouneva, with sulfuric acid remains open.

Cleaners of the PEKOP union alongside more than 1500 solidarity protesters took to the sizzling streets of Athens on Thursday 2/7 to protest against the decision of the district attorney to close the case of the assassination attempt against Konstantina Kouneva, the cleaner union’s secretary last December by corporate thugs. Kouneva was attacked outside her home and forced to drink sulfuric acid which destroyed her digestive tract and large portions of her face; she is still struggling for her life in hospital. The protest march, which took place in a context of media efforts to recuparate the Kouneva issue, demanded an immediate end to “slave-trade in the public and private sectors”.

Meanwhile tensions in Athens remain high. On Thursday yet another police effort to impose an apartheid in the central square of Aegaleo, a proletarian suburb that has seen several fascist attacks against Pakistanis last year, with nazis attacking the workers in their very homes, was met with fierce resistance of bystanders who stopped the cops from brutalising and arresting immigrants. The tension rose further when the heckled policemen arrested an 80 year old woman who was trying to stop their racist attack. The angry crowd snatched the elderly woman from the cops, surrounded the police cars and forced the uniformed racists and a couple of their neo-nazi collaborators out of the square.

At the same time in down-town Athens the High Court Council came under attack by anarchists who smashed and burned the car of the incoming President of the Council, an infamous right-wing government crony. Earlier, antifascists had sabotaged the electric facilities of Stohos, the leading fascist weekly which has been promoting widespread anti-muslim, anti-jewish and anti-imigrant pogroms. As a result of the sabotage, the weekly issue of the bigot paper was not published causing big economic damages to the nazis.

On the urban guerrilla front, Athens was once again rocked by a huge explosion in the early morning of Friday 3/7, when a pre-announced bomb destroyed one of the central tax offices of the capital. Until now no guerrilla group has claimed responsibility for the attack which also destroyed a near-by McDonalds outlet but caused no human injuries.

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Protest March against the dropping of Kuneva’s case today in Athens

Posted by clandestina on 2 July 2009

afisa_koyneba_jun-aDpHv1protest called for 19.00 by

  • ΠΕΚΟΠ (Kuneva’s union)
  • initiative of first degree unions for solidarity with Kuneva and the abolishment of slave trade in the private and public sector
  • working people in solidarity

See about the dropping of Kuneva’s case Investigation of Kuneva’s case is in effect about to cease about the dropping of Kuneva’s case.

Extensive coverage in Greek here.

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Investigation of Kuneva’s case is in effect about to cease.

Posted by clandestina on 17 June 2009

It seems that the ecase of the assault against Konstantina Kuneva will be placed in the archive, since the examiner charged with the investigation of the incident decided to terminate the main interrogation process.  Kuneva’s  lawyer, Kostas Papadakis, said to that today he handed a memorandum to the Chief Prosecutor of the First Instance Court and the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

“Such a development contradicts blatantly with the popular demand, expressed in many tenacious ways, within and outside Greece, for a thorough investigation and the bringing to court of those responsible for the assault” said the lawyers.

After meeting with pertinent  justice officials the lawyers Papadakis and Vagianou received assurances that investigation will continue.  Still if the prosecutor insists on the decision, the investigation will be seriously curbed.

info:  tvxs article

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An interview with Elena Decheva, mother of Konstantina Kuneva

Posted by clandestina on 16 April 2009

This is an interview with Εlena Decheva,  mother of Konstandina Kuneva, taken on 28th of March 2009 at the Evangelismos Hospital by our Bulgarian comrade Ivo  from the Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria (a partner organisation in IFA”  .  We thank him very much for this.

What do you think, personally about everything that followed the attack against Kostadina ?

I can say that we got almost no help at all from Bulgaria. From Bulgaria came Hristo Zelqzkov [this is the current leader of the biggest Bulgarian trade-union], he wanted to enter the room and to visit Kostadina, I didn’t let him to do that, because at that time nobody was allowed to enter her room, he felt not very comfortable, because of that, but I was not to  let anyone in the room of Kostadina, because doctors told me so. We spoke with Zelqzkov, he said that the case with Kostadina will be researched and asked me if we wanted anything from Bulgaria. I said that we want a flat in Bulgaria, where it would be possible for Kostadina and her child to live some day, although probably she will stay and  live in Greece. Zelqzkov talked also with GSEE [ΓΣΕΕ – General Confederation of Workers] in Greece, but until now there are no results. Nor from Bulgaria, nor from the GSEE, nobody called me after that.

To me, it seems that all the help to Kuneva comes from the solidarity movement of the common people in Greece…… Read the rest of this entry »

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