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YFANET squat in Thessaloniki comes under fascist attack

Posted by clandestina on 10 February 2010


The YFANET squat has come under attack by fascists at about 2330 hours local time tonight. Reports now indicate that the intruders have been chased away from the occupied building; we are expecting a report from the comrades who were inside very soon and will be publishing it here once it’s out.

What follows is a rough translation of a statement put together by people in YFANET tonight.

At around 2300 hours tonight and while the assembly of YFANET was under way, around 20 fascists with sticks, helmets and hoodies attacked the squat. They tried to enter the space of the assembly but were successfully pushed back by comrades; they then tried to burn various parts of the squat.

The damage that they caused was relatively small – a burnt scooter, some furniture and the like. None of us has been injured.

After this, various cops started arriving outside the squat, while people in solidarity also started to gather. The fascists disappeared. There was tension between the gathered people and the cops; at some point, with no previous provocation, riot police arrived, attacked and threw much tear gas in the squat.

At this moment there are many people outside the squat, more than 200 people and the atmosphere is very comradely. Cops and fascists are nowhere to be seen.

One girl was detained while away from the squat, they probably suspected her as being a person in solidarity.

More in a bit.

YFANET squat

There was one detention of a woman near the squat, but will be set free. Hundreds of people in solidarity arrived in YFANET shortly after the attack happened. Many remain in the area of FABRIKA YFANET, and after having a short assembly, decided another main assembly for tomorrow 6pm in the squat.

There is another information for 2 fascists trying to throw a molotof cocktail at Orfanotrofio squat, that is also in Toumba (same area as YFANET in east Thessaloniki), but they were chased by people from inside. After this many comrades were walking around the squats and some fascists were chased, but most were saved by police forces.

I would like to remind that YFANET squat (old factory) is the largest occupied area in the country, was occupied in 2004, and since two years ago the state has announced that they want to use the place, that triggered actions and a demonstration in solidarity.

PS1. Also yesterday a mechanism with gas canisters was placed near the squat but did not damage anything.

PS2. The collaboration of fascists and the police is once again obvious, but this is nothing new and does not sound strange of abnormal anymore.


Fascistic attack against YFANET Fabrica Squat

Coordinated attack together with fascists and cops against Yfanet Fabrica Squat in Thessaloniki during the night of Tuesday 9th February. Fascists tried to set on fire the squatted factory but they were perceived by people who were inside and chased them away. At the same time, the area got surrended by special pigs’ forces who started throwing chemicals and stones inside the building.
Men and women gathered in solidarity at the Polythecnical school of Aristoteleio University and directed collectively to the squat so they chased the cops away from the spot.

This was the second attack during the day, after the dawn of Tuesday when “unknown” parastatists tried again to set the squat on fire by putting gas-bottles in a garbage bin in front of the building.
Mass Media in turn, with misinformation as a weapon attack in their way trying to mislead the public mind and completely reverse the events.

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Three days in Fabrica YFANET squat July 31-August 2 – CRISIS, COUNTER-INSURGENCY, RESISTANCES

Posted by clandestina on 31 July 2009



Friday: against the pillaging of nature

Saturday: the assault against immigrants as part of the assault against struggling people (the Group of Immigrants and Refugees will take part in the discussion with an account of recent anti-immigrant policies – comrades from Athens will speak on the recent pogroms and fascist attacks).

Sunday: structures of counter – information and the circulation of struggles


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Arson attack against Fabrica YFANET squat, Thessalonik

Posted by clandestina on 25 July 2009


squat website:

Yfanet's door, photo from Athens Indymedia

Yfanet's door, photo from Athens Indymedia

Today Saturday morning at 5.05, some thugs positioned an arson mechanism on the iron main gate of the Fabrika Yfanet occupation. They left a bag with 6 gas cans, 1 4-liter petrol canister and a box of fire-starters.

The explosion came to the attention of the people who are inside the occupation and on standby after the latest threats to repress squatted sites. Immediately we came out and with the help of neighbors we put down the fire, while no damage was done.

Worth noting is the ‘quick mobilization’ of the police, as after 6 minutes from the explosion 3 patrol cars, 1 conventional police car with normal plates and one jeep came and started moving in close range. The jeep as some point stopped and cops started to provoke..

After 20 minutes two squads of riot police came up the corner of Katsimidi st. and Egnatia st. and continued to provoke. Other people was informed with telephones and came quickly.

It is the second attack against an occupied space in Thessaloniki within 4 days (the first was the occupied railroad car of Radio Revolt within the universities).

Nothing can decrease the determination by which we will defend the places where we live and breathe.

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