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New case of severe immigrant abuse by cops of the Acropolis Police Station

Posted by clandestina on 2 January 2010

sources: athens indymedia,

A Chillean immigrant detained was severely beaten on New Year’s Eve by personnel of various police forces at the infamous Acropolis police station.   His injuries were so serious that he was transferred to hospital – he is stille there in critical condtiion.  The immigrant had been arrested a week ago allegedly for having attacked someone with an iron bar.  Since he had no documents, he was detained and to be deported.

5 cops have been arrested for the case – which is a very very rare if not unprecedented thing.   Apart from torturing the detainee, in order to cover up their own action they prepared a file of proceedings with the false accusation that the 30-year-old had attempted to escape.

The minister of citizen protection released a sensational pledge that he is not going to put up with this kind of violence.

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updates (from comments on the article linked above): Two out of the five policemen charged for not stopping their colleagues torturing the immigrant were set free on January 5.
The rest appeared to the prosecutor on Thursday.

According to the testimony of the two officers they did not intervene when they “saw the arrested man handcuffed and two policemen kicking him punching him and beating him with a plastic glob in various parts of his body” as they “found nothing reprehensible in all these”. The three men directly accused of the torture testified to the interrogator today, without the script of their testimony been made public to this moment.   One policeman finally was imprisoned pending trial after giving testimony.

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