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Free Milena Ivanova Now!

Posted by clandestina on 15 November 2009

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Free Milena Ivanova Now!

Background (Preamble):

We are witnessing yet another incident of a legal indictment for Milena Ivanova, a Bulgarian national, an EU citizen. Her adventure gives ground for our concern over abuse of power and violation of human rights and liberties practiced by the State. Therefore it is of utmost importance for citizens to have a sense of duty to defend the rights and liberties of all people visiting or living in our Country.


In 2002, Milena was tried in court because her working visa had expired and she hadn’t been registered for a health card. She was sentenced to 30 days in prison with parole. She was tried again in 2006, in absentia, under the same indictment and thus her sentence rose to 10 months in prison, a 1500 euro fine. The court ordered for her deportation in 2009 when she returned to Greece where she was to be arrested by the police. She resorted to any remedies, but the court ignored her legally justified claims, this resulting in her arrest, detention and impending judicial deportation.


is a case of violation of the Rights of Man, as she was tried in court and sentenced twice for the same offense.


The legal ground for the “crime” of illegal entry into Greece from Bulgaria is now null and void, since Bulgaria has become a member of the European Union!

The above incident of violation of the rights of a working student, a citizen of the European Union, raises high concerns for the State’s abuse of power, in a period of time that such incidents of state arbitrariness and violation of the rights of immigrants tend to multiply as a result of the declared government dogma of “Zero Tolerance”.

We the Undesigned, demand the immediate release of Milena Ivanova, currently under detention in the Police Department of Zakynthos and the annulment of her sentence of this “crime” whose legal ground is now null and void!

Zakynthos, Greece November 11, 2009

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An interview with Elena Decheva, mother of Konstantina Kuneva

Posted by clandestina on 16 April 2009

This is an interview with Εlena Decheva,  mother of Konstandina Kuneva, taken on 28th of March 2009 at the Evangelismos Hospital by our Bulgarian comrade Ivo  from the Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria (a partner organisation in IFA”  .  We thank him very much for this.

What do you think, personally about everything that followed the attack against Kostadina ?

I can say that we got almost no help at all from Bulgaria. From Bulgaria came Hristo Zelqzkov [this is the current leader of the biggest Bulgarian trade-union], he wanted to enter the room and to visit Kostadina, I didn’t let him to do that, because at that time nobody was allowed to enter her room, he felt not very comfortable, because of that, but I was not to  let anyone in the room of Kostadina, because doctors told me so. We spoke with Zelqzkov, he said that the case with Kostadina will be researched and asked me if we wanted anything from Bulgaria. I said that we want a flat in Bulgaria, where it would be possible for Kostadina and her child to live some day, although probably she will stay and  live in Greece. Zelqzkov talked also with GSEE [ΓΣΕΕ – General Confederation of Workers] in Greece, but until now there are no results. Nor from Bulgaria, nor from the GSEE, nobody called me after that.

To me, it seems that all the help to Kuneva comes from the solidarity movement of the common people in Greece…… Read the rest of this entry »

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