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the first protest in Bulgaria for the rights of immigrants and refugees ever….

Posted by clandestina on 25 March 2010


LGB, AS group Sofia.

Here is a small report from yesterday…. Sofia, Bulgaria – On March 20, 2010 to the “Home for the temporary accommodation of foreigners” in the quarter Busmanci from 11 am to 13 pm held a peaceful protest rally against arbitrariness and repression against immigrants and in defense of their human rights.

—- Gathered about 40 people to protest against this antihumanno place for the immediate release of people in general and against the state policy against people detained there. The protest was organized by the Civil Initiative Committee and the Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria. —- Anarohsaprotiva attended by activists, lawyers, friends of the detainees at the center, bloggers, and citizens.

Despite good weather and sent press releases – the place had a TV and 2 journalists.  None cameraman nor any other journalists. However, police were in place, ie before the high walls of prison long before the protesters. Video-duty cop was also on his post. People in prison have been informed of protests and even in the kind of people stood in the first bars. Dozens of hands with Victory sign to pass through the narrow bars. Many of the people inside were tied hands and mouths with rags, probably torn sheets. Many photos showed through the bars of their children. Provesiha handmade banner with the inscription Busmantzi – Freedom;. Throughout chanting – Guantanamo,Freedom, Human Rights we want Freedom … attempts to chanting in Bulgarian.

By the protesters was distributing leaflet on the problem and the newspaper “Free Thought”. Leaflet was read during the megaphone, for a short talk and a former prisoner at center. Chants were in Bulgarian and English slogans such as “There’s no Illegal people,” “*Papers for All or No Papers at* All!” The freedom of movement is everybody’s right, we are here and we will fight, “Busmanci – Guantanamo”, “No borders, no nations stop deportation” and others.

It was a little parade down the street to jail. Police did not intervene, and after half an hour the protesters withdrew, arguing before the high closed that “we will be back, this is only the beginning. People long waved through the bars and shouting “Thank you” while the group away.

This was the first protest in Bulgaria for the rights of immigrants and refugees ever….

Pictures here:

LGB, AS group Sofia.

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“Frontex officers are using heartbeat and carbon dioxide detectors, along with heat cameras and other sensors….”

Posted by clandestina on 19 May 2009

They came to help.  They did an operation together, for 8 days.  “40 officers from 20 countries came to work with 165 Greek border guards in the exercise”.  FRONTEX came to help Greece.  Together they ‘ll render crossing the borders even more life – risky.  Together they will justify the higher prices traffickers are going to be asking for the job.  

High tech surveillance on the borders…..”Frontex officers are using heartbeat and carbon dioxide detectors, along with heat cameras and other sensors to scan vehicles, and are watching the border with a surveillance helicopter and aircraft” at “the hottest area of illegal immigration in Europe”, the border with Turkey that is.   And we thought the tech imports were for the flu thing…

 The legal stuff for the advent of totalitarian surveillance had already been in place… 


EU border agency helps Greece with immigration

By The Associated Press COSTAS KANTOURIS, Associated Press Writer


KIPI, Greece (AP) Officers from an EU border protection agency used high-tech sensors to search trucks and monitor clandestine crossings along Greece’s frontier with Turkey on Tuesday, as part of an eight-day exercise to help local authorities stem a spike in illegal immigration.

Greek authorities said the EU agency, known as Frontex, has sent 40 officers from 20 countries to work with 165 Greek border guards in the exercise. Border guards from new EU-member Bulgaria are also assisting.

Athens is seeking greater assistance from the European Union to help stop immigrants illegally crossing over its rugged borders with Turkey or reaching dozens of islands in the Aegean Sea.

Frontex officers are using heartbeat and carbon dioxide detectors, along with heat cameras and other sensors to scan vehicles, and are watching the border with a surveillance helicopter and aircraft.

Officers involved in the exercise, which ends Wednesday, reported the arrest of 12 illegal immigrants during vehicle searches.

“This border region is the hottest area of illegal immigration in Europe,” Gil Arias, Frontex’ deputy executive director, told The Associated Press.

Officials here say smugglers are targeting EU countries that are members of the open-travel Schengen Agreement, allowing illegal immigrants in Greece to move onto other EU countries.

“Frontex has set up a rapid response force to help European Union countries deal with emergency situations,” said Brig. Vassilis Kousoutis, director of the police’s department for immigrant affairs in greater Athens.

In 2008, Greek authorities arrested 146,337 illegal immigrants, a 30 percent increase from the previous year and a 54 percent jump from 2006, according to figures from the Interior Ministry.

It said 2,211 smuggling suspects were arrested last year, a 56 percent increase from 2008.

Iraqis make up the largest group of those arrested at the Greek-Turkish border, followed by illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Last week, the U.N. refugee agency criticized procedures in Greece for examining asylum applications, as well as proposed changes to toughen the rules.

A UNHCR said the proposed abolition of an appeals board for migrants whose applications are rejected “would deprive asylum seekers of access to an effective remedy as required by EU law.”

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An interview with Elena Decheva, mother of Konstantina Kuneva

Posted by clandestina on 16 April 2009

This is an interview with Εlena Decheva,  mother of Konstandina Kuneva, taken on 28th of March 2009 at the Evangelismos Hospital by our Bulgarian comrade Ivo  from the Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria (a partner organisation in IFA”  .  We thank him very much for this.

What do you think, personally about everything that followed the attack against Kostadina ?

I can say that we got almost no help at all from Bulgaria. From Bulgaria came Hristo Zelqzkov [this is the current leader of the biggest Bulgarian trade-union], he wanted to enter the room and to visit Kostadina, I didn’t let him to do that, because at that time nobody was allowed to enter her room, he felt not very comfortable, because of that, but I was not to  let anyone in the room of Kostadina, because doctors told me so. We spoke with Zelqzkov, he said that the case with Kostadina will be researched and asked me if we wanted anything from Bulgaria. I said that we want a flat in Bulgaria, where it would be possible for Kostadina and her child to live some day, although probably she will stay and  live in Greece. Zelqzkov talked also with GSEE [ΓΣΕΕ – General Confederation of Workers] in Greece, but until now there are no results. Nor from Bulgaria, nor from the GSEE, nobody called me after that.

To me, it seems that all the help to Kuneva comes from the solidarity movement of the common people in Greece…… Read the rest of this entry »

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