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Antiracism in Kalamata, Peloponnese and the pittiful reaction by neo-nazis losing ground…

Posted by clandestina on 10 May 2009


banners at the symbolic occupation of the town's old wheat mills - "class memory - revolt memory"

banners at the symbolic occupation of the town's old wheat mills - "Kalamata 1934 - Chicago 1886 - Greece December 2008 : class memory - revolt memory"

Yesterday an anticapitalist – antiracist demo and event took place in Kalamata, in southern Peloponese.  The demo among other things commemorated the 9th of May 1934 workers revolt, in which 8 workers were killed by the Greek state.  The local anarchist group “Alania tou Nedonta” has been lately much active and of course this annoyed the neo-nazi “golden dawn” braindeads.   The comrades are also active in initiatives against mobile telephony antennas which spring out everywhere in Greece, even in residential areas.

Although during yesterdays’s successful demo the neo-nazis were prevented from making their pittiful presence visible in the town, in the evening some of them attacked comrades on the spot where an event against the antennas is to take place today.   Yestarday, an assault against Greeks and immigrants in the town’s railway station took place and some days ago one against comrades in a caffe of the town . 

info from Patras Indymedia and Athens Indymedia articles.

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Police and Neo-Nazi scum collaborate once more in Athens…

Posted by clandestina on 10 May 2009


athens indymedia photos

athens indymedia photos

… once more, against immigrants, refugees and anti-racists.  

Neo-nazis and junta-nostalgic ultra-nationalist scum were to do a demo in Athens down-town yesterday, bargaining on the cultivated by mass media sentiment of economic insecurity, to promote their anti-immigration absurdities. The gathering spot for this demo was at Omonoia square and about 100 braindeads were there. The gist of the days’ events is that the Police has an excellent cooperation with the para-statal neo-Nazis (of Golden Dawn) and uses them to help keep up the anti-migrant terror. 

At the same time, in surrounding streets and squares, antiracist organizations of all shades called for counter-demos. Most of the anarchists gathered at Kaniggos square but they were attacked by riot police and repulsed towards Exarcheia and the Polytechnic. There were conflicts and barricades for some time there. From Kotzia square migrant, student and leftist associations moved towards Stadiou avenue to prevent the neo-nazis from taking it to this central avenue. At the same time, other antiracist organizations of the left gathered in front of the Court of Appeals building .

The neo-nazis when obstructed from doing the demo started beating randomly immigrants with iron bars in Menandrou street. The police all the time looked but not intervened. Their collaboration got even tighter when the neo-nazis moved towards their headquarters, which is located near the Court of Appeals building at Socratous Street. Under the protection of the riot police, from their hq’s roof and then from the street, the neo-nazis attacked the building where immigrants find refuge with stones and flash and sound grenades. The neo-nazis were all wearing helmets, this at a time when in Greece the state attempts to illegalise hoods in protests.  They tried to invade the building but the immigrants defended it with stones. Four protestors and many immigrants were injured.  A girl was  arrested.  

All these, in the background of tragicomic but intense efforts by the Ministry of Public order to promote and further solidify Security State regulations across various spheres of the Greek society – for instance, it wants to plant 1.100 new surveillance cameras in Athens.

See photos and videos of the collaboration between police and neo-nazis here.  One more video is available here – if you dont understand Greek skip the first half.

info from

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