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Two days of solidarity action in Athens

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2010

Two more “single incidents” of the everyday war against immigrants.

On Friday March 4 an immigrant fron Guinea was arrested, incriminated with drug dealing, only for the police to show off their anti-drug raids.  More in this post

Last Decmber immigrant street vendors were severly abused by cops during a manhunt in Athens high street, and then at the infamous Acropolis police station.  Victims of this story are still detained.  A court hearing is tomorrow, March 19.  More in this post and this post.




Assembly for Solidarity to Immigrants

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Solidarity with immigrant street vendors in Athens!

Posted by clandestina on 3 February 2010

FINANCIAL SUPPORT FEAST FRIDAY, February 5, 2010, ASOEE (Economic Univ., Patision str.), 9 pm SOLIDARITY GATHERING, Monday, 8 February 2010, EVELPIDON STREET COURTS, ATHENS 10 a.m.

Immigrants text:


we invite you to support en masse our action and show your solidarity.

We call all those who feel that this is of their interest,

Every day we immigrants vendors, we get arrested and beaten and imprisoned for doing “illegal trade”

We’re on the road and we need to sell things.

We want a better life.

We want to work and make a living free and out of the sweat of our hands,

Let us unite for the common goal: solidarity and mutual aid among immigrants.



The text of people in solidarity

In the center of Athens and Piraeus, the political and municipal authority, all kinds of cops, media and “indignant” shopkeepers engage everyone diffuse manhunts against immigrants.

On December 30, 2009, ca. fifty cops persecuted immigrants in the streets around Ermou street. They pushed around and beat savagely four of them.  One was taken to hospital and after his return to the infamous Acropolis police station he was beaten up again. Yet, it was the immigrants who were accused of “resistance to authority, disobedience and property damage”. The trial was postponed for February 8, 2010. One of them is still detained for not having “papers”.

The fury of racist cops, the beatings, the tortures and even the murders of immigrants are not “single / isolated incidents”.

It is an integral part of the daily and extensive structural violence against immigrants from the ones in power, cops and judges.

Solidarity, dignity and resistance pave the road for common struggles.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT FEAST  FRIDAY, February 5, 2010, ASOEE (Economic Univ., Patision str.), 9 pm



{for background see these posts:

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More testimonies of abuse and humiliation at the Acropolis Police Station Torture Chamber

Posted by clandestina on 4 January 2010

source: movement “united against racism and the fascist threat”

On December 23, the same day that the Chilean immigrant Pedro Navarro was arrested and tortured, African street vendors received the same treatment by police officers who participated in operations coordinated by Greek Police and the Municipality of Athens at the down-town Athens commercial streets.

One of them, Joe Usman said:

I was arrested by three police men and a police woman at Ermou str.  They handcuffed me, then took me to a dark spot near the church of Kapnikarea  and one of them hit me with his knee  at the stomach by pulling my head down.   Then they took me to the police station, I was in great pain and ponaga much and I vomitted.   They then took me to hospital.  When we left the doctors gave me some document but the police took it from me. Within the Police Station I saw one more Senegalese guy being beaten very hard.
They left me free on December 30 “.

Gil Dawa said:

“Police arrested me on December 29 at 6 to 7 pm at Ermou str.  I was on my way home, I was not selling  anything. I asked them ‘do you need to see my papers and they said ‘ no ‘. They threw me down and raised my leg to my head. They handcuffed me and took me on foot at the Acropolis Police Station.  On the way they hit me on my mouth.  I was forced to go up the stairs with handcuffs and with my hands on my back; they kept shouting and kicking me.   They told their superior that they did this because  I was making fuss.
In my cell they stripped me off my clothes while I still I had the cuffs on and then beat me on my head, feet and hand with their arms and clubs.  They photographed me naked and they were laughing shouting  “Fuck you black asshole, this is  Greece,  leave,  go to Africa.” After laughing they were teasing my dick and put a finger in my ass. They let me go the next day; I went to hospital and the doctors gave me some paper [apparently about beating marks etc] “

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New case of severe immigrant abuse by cops of the Acropolis Police Station

Posted by clandestina on 2 January 2010

sources: athens indymedia,

A Chillean immigrant detained was severely beaten on New Year’s Eve by personnel of various police forces at the infamous Acropolis police station.   His injuries were so serious that he was transferred to hospital – he is stille there in critical condtiion.  The immigrant had been arrested a week ago allegedly for having attacked someone with an iron bar.  Since he had no documents, he was detained and to be deported.

5 cops have been arrested for the case – which is a very very rare if not unprecedented thing.   Apart from torturing the detainee, in order to cover up their own action they prepared a file of proceedings with the false accusation that the 30-year-old had attempted to escape.

The minister of citizen protection released a sensational pledge that he is not going to put up with this kind of violence.

see also:

updates (from comments on the article linked above): Two out of the five policemen charged for not stopping their colleagues torturing the immigrant were set free on January 5.
The rest appeared to the prosecutor on Thursday.

According to the testimony of the two officers they did not intervene when they “saw the arrested man handcuffed and two policemen kicking him punching him and beating him with a plastic glob in various parts of his body” as they “found nothing reprehensible in all these”. The three men directly accused of the torture testified to the interrogator today, without the script of their testimony been made public to this moment.   One policeman finally was imprisoned pending trial after giving testimony.

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Sweep operation in Aghios Panteleimon, Athens, demo for the “respect of religion”, and more achievements of the Acropolis’ cops

Posted by clandestina on 21 May 2009

sources: athens indymedia articles here & here, and tvxs article



The “tough” public order minister’s doctrine is clear: cops should listen to “citizens”, provided that they are racist enough.  Building on the para-statal “indignant citizens” (ie a few dozens of fascists, their cops dressed up as citizens and their paid for the job collaborators) bullshit, the cops launched an attack on Agios Panteleimonas district last night with hundreds of “stop-and-search” controls and about 12 arrests of “sans-papiers” (the rest of the anti-criminal crusades grand achievements were the arrests of 26 people for prostitution, 2 for illegal gambling, 1 for forged documents and 1 for possessing  guns).  [Aghios Panteleimon has been the epicentre of the miserable efforts by Golden Dawn fascists to present themselves as protesting residents of districts flooded with immigrants].

During the operation one of the cops tore the Quran one of the immigrants had with him.  At the moment (Thursday afternoon) a protest for the respect of religion is taking place on the spot.

UPDATE # 1: According to this article 3000 immigrants joined the protest.   The demonstration was predictably assaulted by riot police with teargases.  


news agency report

Immigrants, Athens’ cops clash over Qur’an

Greek police fired tear gas at hundreds of Muslim immigrants in Athens protesting reports that an officer had desecrated a Qur’an.

Around 1,500 demonstrators marched through the working class district of Kypseli towards the Omonia Square in the city center, where there were scuffles with officers and tear gas was fired, the police said.

Some demonstrators also threw dustbins and stones at the police station in the Kypseli district, injuring one officer and damaging a car. Officers fired tear gas to break up the crowd.

The people who took to the streets said that on Wednesday, when police officers stopped four Syrian immigrants to check their papers, one of the officers had torn up a Qur’an and stomped it with his foot.

After word spread of the alleged incident, the local Muslim immigrant community, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, organized Thursday’s protest.

Immigrant’s rights groups have called another protest for Friday. Police said that they had opened an investigation into the affair.


libcom report

Immigrants march in Athens after incident of policemen beating a Muslim when they found a copy of the Koran in his bag which they cut into pieces in an orgy of racist bigotry.

On Thursday 21 May afternoon 1500 immigrants took to the street of Athens marching to the police station of Kypseli, the most densely populated area of the Greek capital. The protest march was organised in response to yet another incident of police racism against Muslims the previous night. When as part of the now common anti-immigrant sweeping operations the notoriously racist greek police stopped a Syrian immigrant and found in his bag a copy of the Koran, they severely beat him, tearing the Koran in pieces and jumping on its torn fragments on the ground.

The incident comes as yet another example of greek police fascism which has reached new levels after the active involvement of immigrants in the December uprising. The most common target of both police, the secret services and paramilitary thugs are members of the Pakistani community, which is despised by the police state for its active involvement in left wing politics. An increasing number of attacks against Pakistani activists has been reported after December, recalling the infamous arrest of more than a thousand Muslims in Athens after the London July metro bombing, and the setting up of secret interrogation camps in the greek mountains, uncovered by the British media in the winter of 2006. In a bravado of racist policy unique to Europe, no public worship of Islam is allowed in Athens or other major cities, and the State does not allow the creation of a Muslim cemetery.

The police sweeping operations against immigrants are concentrated on the area of Agios Panteleimonas where a number of Greek residents allied with neo-nazi groups have been launching an racist hatred campaign in the last year. Thursday’s protest march began in Omonoia, met at the square of Agios Panteleimonas with solidarity protesters and marched to the Kypseli police station where limited clashes occurred, with one policeman injured. New marches are planned for the following days.

On Monday, just a day after the beating of Senegalese immigrants at the Acropolis police stattion, cops broke the fingers of an immigrant from Senegal in the Omonoia square.

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The sub-humans of Acropolis Police Station puke again their hatred on immigrants.

Posted by clandestina on 18 May 2009


solidarity against oppression, racism, exploitation.  freedom, dignity, resistance

solidarity against oppression, racism, exploitation. freedom, dignity, resistance

source: athens indymedia article

It is Sunday afternoon and about five cops in the center of Athens at Ermou str. go on for their daily routine of head hunting.  What they hunt is immigrants, who work in the streets as vendors.  They  arrest two of them, of Senegalese origin.  They take them at the Police Station of Acropolis and lock them in a cell. Two hours later, 10 cops prepare themselves: they wear their gloves, open the cell, lead the two immigrants in a nearby room and begin to swear on them, kick them, punch them, hit them with police clubs.  After puking their disgusting egos on them, they let the immigrants go,  with bruises on the hands and feet and swollen heads.

This is but one incident of the “battle of the square”, the daily trench operations of the police who hunt, beat, detain the immigrants who sell their merchandise (hand bags, accesories, dvd’s, paintings) in the street in order to survive.  In this battle the Municipal Police has an active role: almost daily they assault the immigrants, beat them, confiscate their merchandise and then let them go.   This is the daily terror of downtown Athens, where rights and jurisdiction are luxurious concepts.  

Here is a post in Athens Indymedia (in Greek) about an initiative that was formed to defend an other Senegalese immigrant who was not only abused, beaten up and robbed by the Acropolis cops, but also charged and brought to court  for “resistance to authority”.   Tomorrow May 19 is the trial and a solidarity gathering.   The relevant poster is on the left.  

There are some encouraging attempts of self-organising defense on the immigrants side.   Of course they meet with furious violence on the cops’s side.  Here is a relevant post about an incident in Peiraieus.

UPDATE of 20 MAY: The Senegalese was finally convicted with a 5 month bail sentence.  The court was particularly aggressive and the decision was based solely on the testimony of cops. For the beating of the Senegalese immigrant, the judge kept saying that was irrelevant for his trial, as there will be another trial for the case.  The Cops witnesses were two police officers of AT Acropolis (one woman and one man) and one Municipal policeman.  The rest of the cops attending the trial were extremely invidious, and kept calling the immigrant with racist  swear-words.  Upon exiting the court they were appropriately vituperated by those who had come in solidarity with the immigrant .

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