Migration and Struggle in Greece

A call to all the ones affected by the War that European Union leads against Migrants and Refugees at the External Borders as well as inside its political and social order.

Posted by clandestina on 22 December 2014

On 6 of February 2014, more migrants were trying in collective action to overcome the border of the enclave of Ceuta (one of two borders of the European Union on African soil) across the sea. The Spanish Guardia Civil, fired on the swimming Migrants with rubber bullets and tear gas. Moroccan police, supported by local racists, also participated in the murderous hunt of migrants. At least 15 people were murdered that day, and 50 all together were missing. Dozens more were injured and illegally pushed back to Morocco.

A year after the killings, the families of the victims, witnesses among the road friends and activists for equality of people”s rights, remember this homicides.
It will be occasion for a meeting on the way to the creation of a Transnational Platform of Action of Migrants, Refugees and solidarious Initiatives. We will come together to denounce all crimes and injustices we all are victims.

Do not wait until the people rise up, you are the people!

4 days of Commemoration, Actions and Work, from 5 to 8 of February 2015 whose main points will be:
February 5: – Arrival of delegations from 9 European countries and Tunisia.  Presentation of the project fo the CISPM – Video screenings – Information and discussion about the proposed Agenda of the Meeting.

-February 6
: 10 hours Press Conference – 11 am Demonstration from the Embassy of Spain – to Bundesrat, through the Embassy of Morocco, to finish at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Auswertigesamt.
– 19 hours – Event / Testimony of friends who lived in the forest with the murdered and now live in Germany – Presentation of Images and videos of our brother – Open discussion with the guests.

-February 7: 10am 2pm / 4 to 6pm Workshops:

  1. EU War diplomacy. The international agreements: Dublin 3, Deportation’s bilateral agreements, Militarization of border control. EU humanitarian rethoric, the “See rescue operation” and the Visa’s politics. Plaint against the EU.
  2. Interior policies of persecution: Different EU Immigration Laws, Structural exploitation of illegalized Migrants’ work, Institutional strategies for the deprivation of Rights: the Duldung in Germany, homeless in Italy. Lampedusa in Hamburg, Lampedusa in Berlin.

3.Transnational actions and Campaigns: Caravan of Sans-Papiers and Migrants  2015  Bamako – Tunis.
-February 8: 10 am Exchange of the results of the Workshops.                                                     General Assembly with the Coalition.
CISPM “International Coalition of Sans-Papiers and Migrants Berlin: Droit des Migrants – Voix des Migrants – Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants – ARACEM Association of Deportees of Central Africa in Mali – Afrique Europe Interact – Welcome2Europe – Move and Resist Bielefeld –

(Open List).


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