Migration and Struggle in Greece

Amygdaleza uprising suppressed – 41 immigrants on trial

Posted by clandestina on 12 August 2013



41 immigrants are facing various charges after the suppression of the Amygdaleza uprising.

The situation of the immigrants injured during the uprising is unknown, since access to the detention center is denied even to lawyers.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the area, Sotiris Duros, declared that an uprising was “an expected one”, since the conditions in the detention center are inhuman and the temperature in the (made of of metal) cargo containers used for constraining 1650 people, during summertime reaches up to 50 Celsius degrees. This. combined with the fact that a prolonging of their imprisonment to 18 months was announced, led to the uprising.









2 Responses to “Amygdaleza uprising suppressed – 41 immigrants on trial”

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