Migration and Struggle in Greece

Patras: Clashes as Residents & Chysi Avgi Supporters Try to Storm Immigrants Shelter

Posted by clandestina on 23 May 2012


Angry residents of Patras, in North-Western Peloponnese, and supporters of extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) tried to storm an old factory where dozens of immigrants take shelter. Local media report of five people injured as protesters clashed with police, with the one side hurling stones and wooden sticks and the other firing tear gas. Among the injured are two policemen  who were attacked with wooden sticks, and one GD member.


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For a second day, Patras residents and GD supporters fathered outside the old factory of Piraiki-Patraiki to protest the fatal injury of  30-year old Thanasi Lazanas by three immigrants of Afghan origin.

Protesters enter the factory

Late on Tuesday afternoon, 200 residents and GD supporters tried to storm the old factory. Police was on the ground and soon the clashed between the protesters and and police started.

Unconfirmed report claim that a group of GD attacked a policeman on a motorcycle, the response by the police was immediate.

Latest reports from the area say that a group of residents attempted to enter the factory with a bulldozer.

Seven riot police squads are due to arrive to Patras from Athens

Chrysi Avgi MP Attacked

Tension is extremely high among several society groups  in the area.

Arvanitidis after the attack

Local  news portal reported that Chrysi Avgi-MP Michalis Arvanitidis was attacked by a group of  some 30 young people while he was leaving the studio of local Super B television together with one journalist. Arvanitids has been punched in the face, while the attackers tore his clothes.

Residents of the Greek port city call for a solution to immigration problem.

Thanasis Lazanas was found heavily wounded near his home in Ities village at dawn on Saturday. He was stabbed at least 6 times with a knife in the chest and ribs. He was transmitted to the hospital but he died due to the heavy injuries. One Afghan man was arrested by the police.

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