Migration and Struggle in Greece

Two more dead immigrants near Evros river

Posted by clandestina on 25 November 2011

The bodies of two immigrants were discovered yesterday in Peplo area – one on the bank of the Evros river and the other in a rural area of Thymaria village near the town of Alexandroupolis.
According to the announcement of the General Police Department of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, the two young men, of afro-asian origin and chinese origin, tried to cross the Evros River in order to enter Greece from Turkey.

The first one was probably swept away by the rushing waters and drown – the second died due to freezing weather.

One Response to “Two more dead immigrants near Evros river”

  1. Javed said


    I am writing this in desperate search of my Nephew, who’s boat was capsized on 02/07/2011 while crossing Evros River from Turkey to Greece. according to few of his mate whom he was with that the boat was sailing early in the morning and around 5 meter distance from Turkish side the boat started to capsized and all of us jump, but later we could not see Ahmad Faisal Mohmmadi. if any one knows any information about this Incident please inform me on my email which is

    Javed Qazi

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