Migration and Struggle in Greece

24/10-3/11, 2011, Cyprus: Immigrants on Hunger Strike

Posted by clandestina on 5 November 2011

On October 24, 52 immigrants held in the central prisons of Cyprus started a hunger strike. On November 1st, 15 more immigrants in the cells in Lakatameia began a hunger strike. A few weeks ago, in the same cells, a 28-year-old man from Georgia passed away. On November 3rd, the hunger strikers announced that they will end the hunger strike, as they managed to draw attention and the government promised to meet some of their demands.

Video announcing the end of the hunger strike

Video with the demands of the hunger strikers

Follows a solidarity text by the Libertarian Communists Organization (Cyprus):

The immigrant hunger strikers are held in violation of the Supreme Court’s limit of 6 month detainment, and are also refused the return to their countries, and other alternatives of detainment have not been made available, such as bail, voluntary return to their homes or temporary stay permits.

They are being pressured daily to forfeit the hunger strike, and threatened that their school will not be allowed to attend school.

On thursday 27/10, a 46-year-old man from Algeria attempted suicide in front of block 10’s cameras and butchered his body with a razor. He was rushed to the General Hospital of Nicosia in an ugly condition.

The next day, 28/10, a Syrian man attempted to hand himself with a noose out of a bed sheet.

Both are now in the Psychiatric ward of Athalassa!

On tuesday 1/11, 15 more immigrants in the cells in Lakatameia began a hunger strike. A few weeks ago, in the same cells, a 28year-old man from Georgia passed away.

On the same day, a spontaneous gathering was held outside of Lakatameia’s cells to show solidarity with the hunger strikers. The police provocatively shut doors and windows, and avoided contact with the people.

The media and the entire political spectrum have covered up the events, while the attack of nationalist youths against arabic-speaking students of the Vergina lyceum was given much air time.

They are attempting to promote xenophobia and racism, trying to divide the working class and pin society’s problems on immigrants.

But now they are afraid. They are afraid to highlight the issue because they are afraid of the people’s reaction and the direct support to the immigrants, so they try to repress the strike from the inside. They are afraid because a potential victory for the immigrants would mean a rise in moral for struggles on a larger scale.

The issue of immigrants without papers and asylum seekers is an issue that the ‘democracy’ of Cyprus continues to face in terms of repression and detainment, violating basic human rights.

We call everyone internationally to express their solidarity to the 76 hunger strikers and demand their immediate release.

End the mistreatment of immigrants!

Immediate fulfillment of their just demands!

Libertarian Communists Organization

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