Migration and Struggle in Greece

Racist attacks in Athens

Posted by clandestina on 13 September 2011

According to KEERFA n Saturday September 10th an organized pogrom against Pakistani immigrants took place in Aspropyrgos, Athens. More than 25 immigrants were wounded – four of them were hospitalized.
Forty thugs with bats and other weapons gathered on late afternoon close to the suburban train station. From there they started the assaults. hey stopped a public bus, held it for 15 minutes and attacked 4 immigrants that were on it.
Then, they invaded at least ten houses and destroyed immigrants’ property. In some cases they even destroyed the roof. They broke furniture and stole systematically laptops, mobile phones and money.
Around 11pm, at the house of Sampir Hussein, the same fascist gang went to the extend of drawing guns. Two people that were at home were shot – the bullet passed close to the shoulder of one.

AND THE POLICE? Outside the Aspropyrgos Police Station the same gang broke the car of a Pakistani immigrant who went there to report the attack at his house by the same gang! Four or five cars of the gang had followed the immigrant up to the door of Aspropyrgos Police Station! The head of the local police said that police officers searched for the attackers, but did not find anyone!

The pogrom is an escalation of systematic fascist violence in Athens. Ten days ago, in the neighborhood of Aghioi Anargyroi, fascists stabbed an immigrant from Bangladesh and burned a mosque.

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