Migration and Struggle in Greece

43.41% decrease of sans-papiers entering Greece arrests during first half of 2011

Posted by clandestina on 4 August 2011

According to data publicized by the Greek police on July 21 2011, the number of sans-papiers immigrants arrested during the first half of 2011 showed a significant decrease of 43.41% compared to the same period in 2010.
An increase of sans-papiers entries (+22.13%) took place in the Greek-Turkish land border. Arrests in the area of Alexandroupoli had an increase of 237,8%.
According to Greek police and port police, from January to June 2011 were arrested 8.154 Afghans, 5.583 Pakistanis, 4.978 Albanians, 2.126 Bangladeshis, 2.006 Algerians, 2.006 Moroccans, 1.002 Iraqis etc.
Arrests were largely decreased in the Aegean: Lesvos -92,52%, Samos -92,00%, Chios -52,85%, Dodekanisa -99,91%, Cyclades -78,62%, Crete -34,54%. In the rest of the country, number of arrests was decreased by 48,06%.

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