Migration and Struggle in Greece

After Igoumenitsa now police raids become tenser in Patras

Posted by clandestina on 29 July 2011

Following the huge eviction of the jungles of Igoumenitsa at the 9th of June, Patras became the second war region in the governments cruel fight against the sans-papiers who are trying to leave the country.

Chronic of a wave of police raids in Patras
1. 8th of June until 20th: Police raids in the trains in St. Dyonisios and in St. Andreas: more than 300 arrests! Some refugees were released others transferred to prisons in the region of Achaia prefecture or to Athens; destruction of baracks and belongings; cutting of water, beatings, police burned some personal belongings.
2. 26th-27th of July: At least 150 arrests. Only the ones with Pink cards were released, most others transferred to Athens. The arrests continued also in the jungles where the Afghan refugees live.

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