Migration and Struggle in Greece

Evros: construction of border fence has started

Posted by clandestina on 22 July 2011

According to the newspaper “ΤΑ ΝΕΑ” the operations for the construction of the 12,5 km long border fence at the borders between Greece and Turkey at Evros river, near Nea Vissa village, have already started, by making 18 holes where poles will be placed. The poles will support the double wired steel  fence and the thermal surveillance cameras.
The fence will be consisted by double wire with a corridor between, where there will be police patrols (like the fence in southern Spain Ceuta and Melilla) and will be of 3m height. It is aimed that the fence will incorporate all the 23 border “pyramid towers” inside the river Evros so all of this part of the border will be controlled. According to the ministry of “Protection of citizen” the cost will not exceed 5 million euros.
Since the construction of the fence was announced half a year ago, sans papiers immigrants have sifted the crossing of river Evros from the area of the Nea Vissa village to the area near the town of Soufli.

The local authorities as also those of western Greece do not accept the creation of detention centers at their regions.

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