Migration and Struggle in Greece

8 immigrants charged for their protests after the death of a 27-year old immigrant

Posted by clandestina on 19 July 2011

Last Friday (July 15) Goulam Bamper Khan, a 27-year old immigrant from Pakistan,  was found dead in the new detention center of Elliniko (close to Athens). He had asked for a doctor repeatedly, but the only thing the detention center authorities did was to notify an unskilled member of a NGO, who just prescribed some medicine. Hours after this so-called medical examination, Goulam Bamper Khan fainted. Other inmates asked for an ambulance, but this was considered “not necessary”. Finally Goulam Bamper Khan died. Immediately riots broke out, as 98 inmates started shouting and pushing their cells’ doors. Riot police entered the detention center, chose 8 immigrants and started beating them up “to give a lesson to the rest”.
On Monday July 18, these 8 immigrants were charged with arsoning, escape attempt, rebellion provoking, rioting and damaging the detention center…

One Response to “8 immigrants charged for their protests after the death of a 27-year old immigrant”

  1. If this is an accurate description of events (and I have no reason to think otherwise) it is essential that legal actions be brought against the state and the Minister specifically. Greece cannot continue in this brutal and third world condition.

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