Migration and Struggle in Greece

Greece: Frontex stops immigrants’ boat

Posted by clandestina on 6 July 2011

Two Turkish smugglers and a group of 21 sans-papiers immigrants were detained on Crete on Tuesday after a vessel belonging to Frontex, intercepted their boat off the island of Kythira.

The migrants, of Afghani origin, are being held in the premises of the old City Hall of the port of Hania.

The boat the smugglers used had set sail from Turkey and had been destined for Italy.

2 Responses to “Greece: Frontex stops immigrants’ boat”

  1. Anonymous said

    to whom it my concern

    dear sir/Mad.

    I am writing to say, on the 01/07/11 my nephew ( Ahmad faisal Mahmmady) try to cross avers river between turkey and Greece with other 16 people to reach Athens, since we did’t heard anything from him if any one know please contact me.

  2. Javed said


    I am once again urging help from anyone who knows about the above name immigrant who disappeared since 2nd july 2011 if anyone know any kind of information please do contact me or if they can contact the frontex of our behalf to find out if there is any detained of the name Ahmad Faisal Mohmmadi age about 21 years old please do email me on

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