Migration and Struggle in Greece

«…Immigrant, you say? To us you are a drug dealer!»

Posted by clandestina on 23 June 2011

It is Thursday, the 4th of March 2010, and Alfa Abudhakar, a migrant from Senegal, has just left his flat in Kypseli with some friends and is walking towards Amerikis Square. Their plan is to go to Ermou street and make some money selling small things from an offhand stall on the pavement. Alfa has been in Athens for five days, after spending time in the detention center on Samos island. Suddenly he finds himself amidst a police raid. Riot, Delta, Dias police  are flooding Drosopoulou street and going after every migrant they cross.

The next year and a half Alfa will spend in the spaces where the Greek State tortures thousands of migrants every day: in the detention rooms of police stations and in prison. The reason he ends up there is not his bad luck, it is the terror syndrome of bully-cops, racist judges and misanthropist politicians executing their brutal antimigrant policies.

On the day he is caught running from the police because he has no papers, At lfa is «identified» as a «drug dealer» by the special police guard Ioannis Sotiriadis, a shitbrained humanoid bodybuilder, who, in his statement, says he saw Alfa a few minutes before disposing of a large bag full of cannabis in a bush at the ‘Kyprou & Patision street’ park.

This is where Alfa’s ordeal begins, one of the endless variations of fair treatment with which «Justice» treats immigrants: Alfa is held in pretrial detention, solely on the basis of the statemen by the above-mentioned special guard, also member of the neonazi golden dawn party, whose vague description of the suspect could match that of any African immigrant. When Alfa asks for fingerprint tests from the cannabis bag, he gets a negative response: He is told that the fingerprints are allegedly «distorted», which is completely untrue, since Alfa’s fingerprints can be checked against the Samos police records.

Alfa stays at Korydallos prison for a year, his application for release is dismissed, and his parody of a trial hearing, on the 3rd of June 2011, leads to his (expectedly prefabricated) conviction. It is well-known that in Greek courts, «law means injustice to the immigrant», and the only reliable witness is always a cop.

Alfa is sentenced to three years on probation – but parole eligibility is only valid for native prisoners…So now, Alfa finds himself in prison again, «illegal» for having no papers, and is sent from Petrou Ralli to Ellinikon to who knows where next.

Solidarity – Athens, June 2011

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