Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 16 June 2011

First and foremost we would like to thank those individuals and groups who are standing and are sympathetic to immigrants by understanding the problems that we have in our countries.

Secondly we would like to brief you that the immigrants in the mountain of Igoumenitsa have their worst political problems in their countries. As known to everybody, these countries suffer from dictatorial leaders, wars with the neighboring countries and some countries suffer from civil wars. Most of the immigrants are highly educated and were persecuted in their countries and left their countries in order to save their lives. But unfortunately the immigrants suffer from inhuman treatment from the security officers including the police, military and the security, the officers who are responsible of those issues are not paying tension to the issue. This type of treatment contradicts democracy and protection of human rights.

As are suit of these, we as immigrants set the following demands.

1. Security: we demand the removal the confinement of immigrant to the mountain. Because this has become a real obstacle to from practicing our daily activities.

2. Nutrition: Nutrition is a basic to human life and it is impossible to live without nutrition. We are not allowed to enter the town and buy food and other basic needs with our money. Some times happen that if the police catch us in the town with the things we buy, they throw goods in the waste box (skoupidia) and take us to the prison. We need solution for this matter.

3. Health: most of the immigrants tin this mountain suffer health problems that can not be ignored or postponed. Of course there are Doctors of the World under the bridge, but do not have health testing equipment and enough medicine. There are many immigrants whose legs and hands are broken by the military commandos. In this case we are not able to go to the hospital and have medical check. Because, if the police catch us there, they imprison us with our sickness. Even there are people arrested with their hands and legs broken. We need solution for this.

4. Basic Solution: finally, we kindly request the political decision makers for the basic solution for our problems in Greece.


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