Migration and Struggle in Greece

Igoumenitsa police tear down migrant camp, 50 arrests

Posted by clandestina on 9 June 2011

More than 50 migrants were arrested early Thursday as Igoumenitsa police launched a major sweep operation at dawn for illegal migrants in the pine forest of Ladochori, which is situated across the entrance to the Igoumenitsa New Harbor.
The migrants fled a makeshift camp they had set up in the forest, when they became aware of the police forces.
A chase ensued in the forest, and more than 50 migrants were arrested, while the precise number of migrants living in the camp, comprising camping tents and shacks, was unknown.
Municipal crews arrived shortly afterwards and began cleaning up the area from tons of trash that had accumulated, while the shacks were also being torn down.
Police said that following Thursday’s operation, there were no longer any sans papiers migrant camps in the area

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