Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 4 March 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DAY 38 of the hunger strike


The 300 migrants, 50 of whom are staying at the 7th floor of the Labor Centre, have been on a hunger strike for 38 days now. Apart from having lost over an average of 15% of their body mass the strikers are facing irreparable damage to vital organs. Today another 4 strikers were taken to hospital. Right now 16 hunger strikers are being hospitalized. While all the strikers are physically exhausted and disappointed that there is no response to their demands, they are determined to continue with their struggle.

Support with the hunger strikers’ cause has been tremendously broad. Last night, the town council of Neapolis in Sykies expressed its solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers “who are very justified in demanding rights to dignified living and working conditions”. Moreover, the union of workers at the Papanikolaou hospital also expressed solidarity with the hunger strikers and called the government to “proceed with their regularization, disconnecting the residence permit from work credits, especially in these times of crisis and raging unemployment, so that none of them falls back into illegality because of the employers’ reluctance to cover their social insurance”.

Messages of solidarity from abroad arrive everyday. A few days ago, the Austrian Roof Organisation of Homeless Initiatives-BAWO declared they support the strikers’ demands for regularization and call the government of Greece, as well as all the governments of Europe to support all people who are denied a homeland, a job and their rights.

Today, the assembly of the hunger strikers and the Open Solidarity Initiative are calling everyone to a solidarity march, meeting at 6pm at the Venizelou statue.

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