Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 25 February 2011

FRIDAY 25 February 2011
Day 32 of the hunger strike

The 300 migrants in Athens and Thessaloniki have been on a hunger strike for 32 days now.
Their health is deteriorating and everyday, more strikers are being taken to public hospitals for loss
of consciousness. Today, two strikers were admitted to the Hippocration Hospital, (raising the total
number to 13), while another three are being hospitalized at Aghios Demetrios Hospital.

This morning, Mr. Stratis Plomaritis, president of the Union of Hospital Doctors of Thessaloniki and a member
of the Medical Health Team on the side of the hunger strikers, Zawat, one of the hunger strikers, Ghani,
a representative of the hunger strikers, and Efi Telli, lawyer and member of the legal team on the side of
the hunger strikers spoke at a Press Conference at the Labor Centre about the emergency health issues of the
hunger strikers, their demands and developments on the legal front.

The Open Solidarity Initiatve is planning an info-campaign over the weekend, as well as:
-a demo with motorcycles on Tuesday, the 1st of March, beginning at the Labor Centre at 6pm
-a solidarity march on Thursday, the 3rd of March, meeting at the Venizelou statue at 6pm

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