Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 13 February 2011



18th day of hunger strike


Τhe 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on a hunger strike for 18 days now. The signs of fatigue are apparent. They are determined to continue the hunger strike. Their spirits are high and their will to win this struggle is becoming stronger everday.

The hunger strikers receive solidarity messages everyday. Yesterday 25 Members of the European Union Parliament issued a statement “expressing their support to the struggle of the 300 hunger strikers and appeal[ing] to the Greek government to listen closely to their demands and offer a solution to the problem”. Also, messages of solidarity were sent by the Central Organization of the Workers of  Sweden (SAC), by Peace Committees in Freiburg, Germany and by the Libertarian Socialist Union of Peru.There were solidarity actions at the Greek Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark and at the Greek Consulate in Munich, Germany.   Yesterday the Open Solidarity Initiative organized a successful information and solidarity demo in the Toumba area of Thessaloniki.

The Open Solidarity Initiative invites everyone to the solidarity rally today, the 11th of February, as part of the countrywide and European day of solidarity actions. The meeting is at 6pm at the Venizelou statue. There will be solidarity marches in Athens, Larisa, Patras, Hania, Herakleion, Ioannina, Kavala, Veria, Mytilini, Hios and Halkida. Solidarity actions are also being planned in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and Sofia.

From the Press Office

Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki

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