Migration and Struggle in Greece

PRESS RELEASE – 10 February 2011

Posted by clandestina on 13 February 2011


10 February 2011

17th day of hunger strike


The 50 migrant workers on the 7th floor of the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki have been on hunger strike for 17 days now. They are determined to continue the hunger strike. Following their comrades in Athens, for two days now they have stopped drinking tea. Their spirits are high.

They are in continuous contact with their comrades in Athens and fully support their comrades’ decision to stay at the building where they are staying now. They sent a message to the owner of the building in Athens (s. yesterday’s press release), who has issued an ultimatum for the evacuation of his property by the hunger strikers.

In the early evening there was a protest march to the General Secretariate of Macedonia and Thrace by migrant organizations, teachers’ unions and many locals.

The hunger strikers receive solidarity messages everyday. The Managing Council of the Association of Teaching Staff (ESDEP) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in a text supporting the demands of the 300 hunger strikers note that “the migrants are not ‘illegal’ because they choose to be. It is the State itself that wants them in the black market, with no insurance or welfare, suffering double exploitation, in the margins of society, with no papers, no rights, no identity, persecuted and piled in ‘humilition facilities’. The said Association has decided to visit the hunger strikers at the Labor Centre.

The Bar Association (Lawyers Union) of Thessaloniki decided to offer financial support to the hunger strikers. Teachers from Voluntary Migrants’ Schools expressed their solidarity with the hunger strikers.

The Open Solidarity Initiative invites everyone to a demo today, meeting at the Aghia Varvara square in Toumba at 6pm and to the solidarity rally on Friday the 11th of February, as part of the countrywide and European day of solidarity actions. The meeting tomorrow is at 6pm at the Venizelou statue.

From the Press Office

Solidarity Initiative of Thessaloniki

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