Migration and Struggle in Greece

Statement of Solidarity from ARCI (Italy)

Posted by clandestina on 6 February 2011


Statement of Solidarity from ARCI (Italy)

Human beings must be able to decide freely and independently the place where they want to live. They should be able to choose if they prefer to live where their roots are or in a place different from where they were born.

However, states, economic power and political structures, unrelated to the daily life of men, women and children in the world, impose arbitrarily their will upon people by means of force and violence.

For this, having already gotten the approval of the Peoples Movement Assembly at the World Social Forum for Migrations in Quito, Ecuador 2010 for a day of world mobilization on December 18, 2011, we are promoting the assembly ‘Home is where I want to live’ to take place at the World Social Forum in Dakar to discuss and approve a concrete plan to carry out this international day of action.

For this, from Italy and from Dakar, ARCI stand in solidarity with you and migrants hunger strikers in Greece!

Your struggle is our struggle.

For us, migrants coming from all country of the world and residing in all country of the world, the time has come.

The time has come to abandon narrow outlooks, passivity, fear and egoistic divisions.

The time for accepting everything, including charity and inhuman exploitation, just to survive, is over.

Now it’s time for a global vision of our live, a worthy life that every human being deserves.

It’s time for a global vision of the world: we know it better than anyone else because our migratory paths cross it in every direction.

We know how to neaten a shack and how to clean up a hut, but we also know how to manage intricate computing networks.

It’s time to learn and teach: what are our rights and our responsibilities, how to make the first eventually respected, without exceptions; how to fully take charge of the second.
Alessandra Capodanno
Ufficio Immigrazione ARCI
Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16
00157 Roma

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