Migration and Struggle in Greece

Associació d’Amistat amb el Poble de Guatemala

Posted by clandestina on 6 February 2011

With the hunger strike that more than 300 immigrants to Greece have started in Athens and Thessaloniki, we want to send you our message of solidarity. We are fully convinced that the repression with which the Greek government is threatening you will come to nothing in the face of your striving and resolution, just as it failed ten years ago in Barcelona when faced with the victorious hunger strike of another group of immigrants.

The racist, xenophobic discourse that is becoming ever more prevalent in the European Union, a discourse that blames immigrants for the over-exploitation of native workers, must be answered, and struggles such as yours are the best way of changing the situation.

We give you our most sincere support, in the conviction that everyone, be they immigrants or otherwise, should stand shoulder to shoulder to put an end to the Europe of capital. For this reason we demand the unconditional legalization of all immigrants and we support the demand for equal rights and responsibilities for everyone, regardless of whether they are immigrant or not.

With our fraternal greetings,

Associació d’Amistat amb el Poble de Guatemala

Barcelona, January the 29th 2011

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