Migration and Struggle in Greece

31 January 2011-PRESS RELEASE

Posted by clandestina on 1 February 2011

1. The migrants at the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki continue the hunger strike with determination. Their spirits are high.


2. From the first day of the hunger strike, a team of doctors of various specialties has been checking on the hunger strikers every day. According to the doctors’ team press release the hunger strikers have lost weight as expected.


3. The open initiative invites all people, citizens of Thessaloniki, workers’ and migrants’ unions and organizations, political and social groups, to join this week’s solidarity actions:

-a demo in cars and motorcycles on Wednesday, February 2, departing at 6pm outside the Labor Centre,

-a solidarity march meeting at the Venizelou statue at 6pm on Thursday, February 3, and

-a concert at the square in front of the Labor Centre on Saturday, February 5, at 7pm.


4. More messages of solidarity from numerous groups, unions, and individuals in Greece arrive everyday. Messages from abroad include solidarity calls and calls for actions for the legalization of all immigrants in Europe from Chiapas, Spain, Toronto, Turkey and from personalities such as Alain Badiou, according  to whom “the legalization of all workers coming from other countries” is a matter of justice.

One Response to “31 January 2011-PRESS RELEASE”

  1. bristolnoborders said

    On January 25, 300 migrant workers went on hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki.
    Their main demand is to be legalized. As of 2nd Feburary their struggle continues.

    Messages have come from all around the World. We wish to add ours.

    The Border between Greece and the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most heavily militarized in the World with the EU’s unaccountable and armed paramilitary security force – FRONTEX – patrolling, now not only the seas, but more recently. the border between Turkey and Greece..

    Hundreds have perished in the seas, some having their boats deliberately capsized by FRONTEX patrols..

    Those who make it (and those who don’t) are actively challenging the rationale of the securitization of our borders and the social and economic inequalities that they protect.

    We send our message of thanks to the hunger strikers for standing up to the brutality of the border regime(s) that will sooner or later effect us all.

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