Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 29 January 2011


Thursday 27 JANUARY 2011 – Thessaloniki

1. Τhe hunger strikers at the Labor Centre in Thessaloniki are in good health.

2. Together with the fighting migrants, minute by minute, we watched the IMF dictatorship unravel a hideous ceremony of fascist aesthetics to discourage and exhaust the hunger strikers in Athens. In an orgy of unscrupulousness and immorality, the dictatorship buried the struggle of the migrant hunger strikers in the media sewer of lies and deception. Those who have the nerve to present the bloodthirsty blackmailers of international banks as our saviors, would naturally not hesitate to present our brothers the migrant workers as criminals, who committed the terrible crime of entering an empty building site and risking their life for some dignity.

3. Some of the migrant hunger strikers are from Tunisia. They reassured us that only a few weeks ago, the Tunisian dictatorship thought it was invincible. And then the people spoke in the streets.

4. Minute by minute, we followed the developments in Athens. We had to cancel our programmed open discussion for the further coordination of the struggle. Instead, there was a spontaneous demo of solidarity and alertness in the centre of Thessaloniki with over a thousand people. We stayed vigilant, blocking a central road for hours, until we learnt the migrants were leaving the building in Athens. In the open assembly that followed we planned a demo for Friday at 6pm, departing from the Labor Centre.

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