Migration and Struggle in Greece

Greece Comes Up with Sea-Based Immigrant Detention Centers

Posted by clandestina on 6 January 2011

Greece‘s Citizens’ Protection Ministry has come up with the idea to use two ships as sea-based centers for detention of illegal immigrants as it is struggling with an influx of migrants through its land border with Turkey.

Over the past week, Greece stirred a controversy in Europe by suggesting it might build a wall along its 206 km border with Turkey to fend off the surge of illegal immigrants breaching into the EU and the Schengen Area to which it belongs; subsequently, its plans appeared to have been dialed down to fencing off only the most problematic border section of 12.5 km.

On Wednesday, the Greek site Ta nea, as cited by BTA, reported that the Greek Citizens’ Protection Ministry plans to rent from the Netherlands two ships capable of accommodating 1000 people each.

The vessels have been used as detention centers so they meet all specific requirements. Greek representatives are expected to arrive in Rotterdam shortly in order to inspect the ships.

The initiative is supposed to help Greece tackle the issue of illegal immigration amidst EU-wide criticism.

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