Migration and Struggle in Greece

Athens: Afghan refugees on hunger strike

Posted by clandestina on 1 January 2011

After 37 days of protesting at Propylaia, unfortunately there has been no response to our request from the Greek Government, media and NGOs for human rights.
Today, 29th of December of 2010 we began hungry strike and sewing our lips firstly with 6 people.
In case of a non immediate and definite response, we intend to increase the participation in the hunger strike and in the cruel
action of sewing lips.

بعد از مدت 37 روز بی اعتنایی دولت یونان، مطبوعات وسازمانهای مدافع حقوق
بشر بین المللی تعداد 6 نفر از هموطنان عزیز ما, به نشانه اعتراض لب
هایشان را دوختند .
اگر جواب قانع کننده ای به ما ندهند به تعداد این عزیزان افزوده خواهد شد

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