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Support for Afghanian Asylum Seekers in Greece

Posted by clandestina on 11 December 2010

Join us in supporting the cause of Afghanian Refugees in Greece by signing this petition and spreading the information.

We demand that the Greek government and UN high commissioner accede to the demands of Afghanian refugees in Greece to prevent a great humanitarian disaster.

All we refugees from Afghanistan came to Europe because we couldn’t live any more in refugee camps in our country.

We can’t live any more in villages that are bombed by NATO airplanes or are ravaged by the army and its tanks. We can’t live us and our families not only because there is no freedom or democracy, but also because the economy is non existent.

We can’t live in the neighboring countries like Pakistan as war has reached it also destructive floodings that had made a new wave of poverty, hunger and refugees. We were chased in Iran, in Turkey and in many other countries.

We don’t want anyone to take advantage of our right to live and stay away from the various battlefields. No more people drowned on Aegean sea or in Evros river. Neither to be sent back by the European countries in the name of the Dublin 2 treaty, to be again on the run and homeless facing the police, fascists and racists.

We want peace, which is more valuable and all the people around the world want it. Lets make the countries stop their wars and bring back the occupation armies and give the money they spend for education or for health.

We have the right for political asylum for all the refugees and the Greek government must give it to us.
We call the Greek citizens to support our struggle.


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35 immigrants in Ioannina, W. Greece on hunger strike

Posted by clandestina on 11 December 2010

35 immigrants in Ioannina, W. Greece on hunger strike, after boss vanishes with their wages of 65.000 Euro

Since yesterday, Friday the 10th of December, 35 immigrants have started a hunger strike in front of the Prefecture building in the centre of Ioannina, Western Greece. The immigrants have resorted to this form of struggle to protest the fact that they have not been paid for several months of hard agricultural work.

Some of the strikers are already suffering from health problems related to the low temperatures, while one of them was transferred to the hospital yesterday evening. On Thursday, the immigrants spent the whole night until Friday morning in front of the Prefecture and they are planning to continue spending nights there, abstaining from food, until they are given the money owed to them.

Yesterday, dozens of people gathered to show their solidarity, camps were set up, fires were lit, blankets, water, tea were brought to the site to counter the effects of the cold weather.

The immigrant workers, mostly from Senegal and Pakistan, were working at greenhouses in Kalpaki, near Ioannina, when at some point they realized their boss had disappeared without paying them. The greenhouse company Tzartzoulis S.A., the immigrants’ employer for many months, owes them over 65.000 Euro in day’s wages. Moreover, the company has not granted them with work-stamps, and now the workers face the threat of not having enough stamps to renew their work permits. For the last six weeks, all 35 immigrants have been living on no money at all, while they cannot even sleep at the company warehouse, where the boss used to keep them while they were employed.

The immigrants are proceeding with the hunger strike after a week of publicizing and protesting their inhuman treatment. They have also asked the Workers’ Centre of Ioannina for legal aid and union support.

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Greece: migrant children in detention…

Posted by clandestina on 11 December 2010

At the beginning of December, 120 unaccompanied migrant children, nine of them girls, were among the more than 450 detainees in the Fylakio-Kyprinou detention facility, which Human Rights Watch visited. They had already been in custody for periods ranging from weeks to months, sharing mattresses with fellow detainees. Some were held jointly with adults and were rarely allowed to go outside into the courtyard. At the time of the December visit, several cells were flooded with sewage water from broken toilets. The general atmosphere in the center was tense, and police and detainees said there were frequent outbreaks of violence that had resulted in damage to the infrastructure. One 14-year-old unaccompanied boy told us he had been held there for 43 days.

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Riot at the Fylakion detention centre (Evros – Greece)

Posted by clandestina on 4 December 2010

4 December. Last Tuesday, a riot broke out, one of the most serious to date, at the detention centre at Fylakion in the Evros region, near the town of Orestiada and the FRONTEX headquarters at the Greco-Turkish border. According to the policemen guarding the centre, the sans papiers immigrants short-circuited the electricity network causing a blackout, blocked the sewer system causing the overflow of waste and caused minor damages to the centre’s building.

Special police forces were called in from Orestiada and the sans papiers welcomed them by throwing chlorine detergent at them. They had been supplied bottles of chlorine so that they keep the prison clean by themselves, since no cleaning service is provided for the 3-year old detention centre, where up to 1000 refugees, including families with small children, are being held in a building designed to temporarily host 350 people at a time – with bad water, few toilets, no showers, and no medical or legal help.

During the riot, four sans papiers are said to have escaped.

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Message from 4 hunger strikers (Evros – Greece)

Posted by clandestina on 2 December 2010

Message (click on the images) from the four Iranian refugees who sewed their lips and started a hunger strike in the detention center of Feres, Evros on November, 22 (they have been transferred to Soufli in a special “disciplinary cell”, where they continue they hunger strike).

Short history of (recent) hunger strikes by refugees in Greece

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Short history of (recent) hunger strikes by refugees in Greece

Posted by clandestina on 1 December 2010

  • 19th September – 22nd October 2009:
    After a number of revolts inside the detention centre Pagani on Lesvos island, the prison was finally officially closed and the last refugees left to Athens. Huge numbers of refugees had been imprisoned in the overcrowded prison all over the summer, leading to repeated uprisings. The refugees demanded freedom through hunger strikes, broke the doors of the cells and put the cells on fire. The revolts gained a lot of public attention and media coverage through the noborder action Lesvos 2009.
  • 3rd February 2010:
    Refugees detained in Venna put fire on their clothes and mattresses to protest against their prolonged imprisonment and the inhuman detention conditions. Only three days later 42 of them were judged penalties of 4-6 months detention and following deportation without having any access to lawyers and interpreters. Then they were transferred to other prisons in order to isolate them.
  • 13th March:
    In the night of 13th March 2010, 35 detainees set the detention centre of the police station of Patras on fire to protest against their detention and the detention conditions.
  • 13th–17th April:
    124 detained refugees started a hunger strike in the detention centre of Samos protesting against the transfer of 60 refugees from Samos detention centre to a prison close to the Bulgarian border and to protest against their deportation
  • 20th July:
    Beginning of the hunger strike of Iranian refugees in front of the UNHCR offices Athens. At the 31st August the eight refugees were granted political asylum on their 38th day of hunger strike (some were on their 15th day).
  • 22nd September:
    100 Palestinian refugees started a protest and hunger strike in front of the Greek section of the UNHCR in Athens. They demanded asylum and housing from the Greek government (the protest is going on).
  • 6th October:
    Two Iranian refugees who were detained in Evros, around 25 to 30 years old, stitched their mouths using fibbers from their shoe-laces as an act of protest against deportation and for the right to political asylum. They were transferred to Alexandroupolis hospital at the 7th of November because of their worsening health condition but they denied medical treatment. Their protest reached the public through the statements of the director of the hospital who was anxious about their health condition.
  • 14th of October:
    Hunger strike of 49 protesters, eight of which sewed their lips together with medical threads. They protested in a makeshift tent in front of Athens University (Propylaia). Among the hunger strikers, were refugees whose first instance interviews were delaying for more than a year, while others’ cases were pending at second instance for several years. They protested 77 days and kept 36 days of hunger strike. Finally, they were granted political asylum at November 18th.
  • 28th October:
    Complaint by the International Federation of Iranian Refugees lodged with the European Court of Human Rights against the Greek government for its violation of refugees’ rights.
  • 26th-29th October:
    Hunger strike of 25 Kurds and 13 Afghan refugees in Lavrio reception centre demanding for asylum. Most of the refugees living in the oldest reception centre of Greece have been waiting since years for their asylum claims to be proceeded. The protest included the demands of the total of the reception centres’ population for better reception conditions.
  • 9th November:
    An Iranian refugee threatened to commit suicide inside the Greek council of Refugees in Athens demanding to talk to journalists
  • 19th November:
    More than 40 Afghan refugees, among them families and a forty day old baby, started a protest in front of Athens University (Propylaia) setting up tents and sleeping there. They plan to start a hunger strike in the beginning of December if their demands for asylum will not be heard. Their asylum cases are pending since years.
  • 22nd November:
    14 migrants started a hunger strike in the prison of the police station of Chania, Crete and demand for freedom.
    22nd November: Four Iranian refugees sewed their lips and started a hunger strike in the detention facility of Feres, Evros.
  • 23rd November:
    The four strikers from Feres are transferred to Soufli in a special “disciplinary cell”. They continue they hunger strike.
  • 25th November:
    Four sans papiers immigrant prisoners from Palestine sewed their lips together with needle and thread at the Kassaveteia Prisons near Volos, central Greece, protesting their prolonged and completely unjustified imprisonment, while another three refused their meals. In the last fourteen months, all seven of them, together with another 25 Somalis, Afghanis and Palestinians, have been pushed from one prison to another, after they were arrested for the sole crime of illegally entering the country. Their release is pending while the deportation is also being legally processed.

There were/are many more protests. It is impossible to tell about all of them.
And there are many more that will follow…

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