Migration and Struggle in Greece

Police to Palestinian refugees, “tonight will be a bloodshed”

Posted by clandestina on 25 December 2010

Palestinians refugee camp outside UN offices in Athens, a long time struggle requesting political asylum

About 13:30 local time, some officials of greek ministry of cops  warned Palestinian refugees who have camped for 2 months outside the UN offices ( in Psihiko-Athens) that tonight will be a bloodshed, if they do not take their tents and  leave the space outside the UN offices. The Palestinian refugees (mostly laborers, many with their children) who are so long mocked by the authorities and by their fellow country men inside Palestinian community and the Palestinian Embassy, said that  they will not leave, and that they will confront the attack of the police.

Right now and for the first time in these two months of their struggle, riot police forces are making their presence in the region . For many months, cops presence was limited in the area and didn’t look for troubles. Now things are changing.

Be in alert. To destroy the plans of the minister and stand in solidarity with Palestinian refugees.

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