Migration and Struggle in Greece

3 days of mobilizations

Posted by clandestina on 21 December 2010

On December 18 a mobilisation was organized at the Evros region. Early on the afternoon there was a protest outside the Fylakio detention centre and later a demonstration in Orestiada, where the Frontex headquarters are located. You can read more in our friends from w2e report:

The only things we would like to add is that the mobilization was organized and attended by groups and people coming from various political milieus and that we consider the whole thing a big success, as it took place in a region located 12 hours drive from Athens, under extreme weather conditions and in a period that many more mobilizations were on (i.e.: 6th of December demos, 15th of December general strike, occupations in universities. mobilizations in prisons…)

On December 19, in the city of Patras, members of new-nazi organization tried to hold a protest against the presence of immigrants near the train station, hoping to imitate the so-called ”citizens’ committees” that new-nazis have set up in Athens. Unfortunately for them, they were attacked and chasen away by a group of 60 anarchists.

On December 20, in Athens, some 100 Afghans and Iranians who are camped outside Propylaia (University of Athens) and UNHCR respectively, held a demonstration and a gathering outside the ministry of public order, demanding to be granted asylum.

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